Tri-Body Balm




  • 3-IN-1 Body Balm: Uplift, calm and melt away daily stresses with this premium spa-like body scrub treatment that cleanses, polishes, and conditions the skin.
  • Nutrient Rich: Gently cleanse the skin with a luxurious combination of oils and lipids while bamboo granules and papaya and mango enzymes smooth and exfoliate. Bring hydration to the skin with the use of seaweed extract, rice bran oil and promote a feeling of wellbeing with essential oils.
  • Multipurpose: Great to use on skin that has been overexposed to the sun. Comfort and heal distressed, sensitize skin by leaving it on longer to lock in moisture before rinsing off for soothing benefits.
  • Smart Skincare: Tri-Body Treatment is part of a premium skincare routine that is simple to use, easy to understand but highly effective. This luxurious body treatment is gender neutral and appropriate for all skin types and concerns.
  • Formulations: Using the purest ingredients and inspired by the healing powers of nature, Tri-Body Treatment contains no harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones, or synthetics. All formulations are consciously crafted from organic, active ingredients.