Welcome to GlossWire!

GlossWire is a beauty technology company and premium shopping app platform marketplace. From over 300 brands from more than 25 countries, GlossWire customers can shop a curated edit with a comprehensive range of 10,000+ products from around the world. For brands and retailers, our goal is to impact success online.

GlossWire is also a unique source of personalization and inspiration. GlossWire uses its rich data sets and data science capabilities to enable consumers to navigate the breadth of products available, providing an inspiring and more personalized discovery experience. We drive meaningful brand to consumer connection from a personalized shopping experience.

We are a passionate team of beauty lovers and data enthusiasts. Our mission is to reframe the beauty industry by leveraging technology through our platform shopping marketplace to provide consumers an opportunity to discover emerging and established worldwide brands while delivering our brands critical real-time customer feedback to help navigate consumer demand, drive conversion, improve margins and increase profitability. 

GlossWire was founded in Seattle in 2021 and is backed by a range of all-star private angel investors in the retail and tech spaces. To learn more about GlossWire, you can find us on social by liking GlossWire on Facebook and following GlossWire on InstagramLinkedInPinterest, and TikTok.