Thermalite Iron


Brand Name: SULTRA

The first straightening iron that combines the Far Infrared with Titanium Plates and a dedicated Ion Emitter to allow for quick, one-pass styling without the damage caused by excessive heat exposure. The Titanium Plates provides the optimum heat surface with a friction-free glide.  Exclusive Thermalite™ Technology combines Far Infrared Rays with a dedicated Ion Emitter that actually promotes healing of the hair and scalp while you style.  Just turn on the After Hours Collection Thermalite™ Style, Wave & Straighten Iron and activate the tool's Ion Emitter that produces a continuous flow of 100% electrically charged molecules, ensuring completely frizz-free, healthy looking hair.


  • Far Infrared Rays promotes healing of the hair and scalp while you style
  • Ion Emitter creates smoothing ions for shine while maintaining hair’s natural moisture
  • Fast heat up and recovery from Titanium plates also provides friction-free surface so hair effortlessly glides over plates without snagging or pulling
  • Digital variable temperature controls up to 440F degrees
  • Cool tip
  • 9’ foot no tangle swivel cord
  • Un-lock travel and storage feature
  • Iron Switch
  • Infrared Switch
  • Ionic Switch
  • Temp Control
  • Universal Voltage
  • Auto Shut-off
  • 2-year warranty