Sunset Sleep Tincture


Brand Name: GAEA

Gaea Sunset Sleep Drops infused with delicious, natural mixed berry extract helps to induce calm + relaxation for a peaceful night's sleep.

Our broad spectrum hemp oil is harvested organically in Oregon, USA & contains a high quality hemp content as well as other minor compounds to help create the entourage effect. This is the belief that taking multiple hemp cannabinoids in concert increases the overall efficacy of taking only one alone.

Support your well-being + healing of body + mind with Gaea


  • 1500 mg of whole plant CBD extract
  • Broad Spectrum
  • No isolate
  • No THC
  • Completely Vegan
  • All-natural flavorings
  • Third-party Lab Testing
  • Grown organically In The USA
  • Bottled in the UK
  • We have a novel food application pending so follow all government guidelines on the safe supply of CBD including levels of THC, source of the oil & extraction protocols.


  • We recommend a starting dose of half a dropper and increasing as per need and body weight.

MCT Oil ( Coconut Oil), Extract of Cannabis Sativa L. Natural Mixed Berry Flavour