Starter Set


Brand Name: UUUUU

Are you a newbie UUUUU? We have perfect Starter set for you!


  • Magical Nail Solution
  • Magical Serum Remover
  • U Gel Lamp

How to Use:

  • Magical Nail Solution: After cleansing your hands, apply 1 thin coat to each nail and let dry for 30-60 seconds. If you want to use it as a primer, apply the nail solution and let it dry completely, and apply a UUUUU Gel nail on it!
  • Magical Serum Remover: Apply 1-2 drops of remover to each nail and wait 30-60 seconds. Gently push the edge of UUUUU Gel nail with the wood stick. Wash hands after use. If you want to apply the UUUUU Gel nail next, clean nails with an alcohol swab.
  • U Gel Lamp: It is recommended to cure 1-3 times with UV LED Gel lamp. *When the UUUUU Gel nail is perfectly cured, it becomes sturdy, retentive and shiny.