Sherbet Recipe


Brand Name: EDGEU

These captivating strips feature a delightful array of pastel rainbow nail tones that bring a touch of whimsy and joy to your manicure. Topped with a sparkling silver gemstone, these nails add a touch of elegance and glamour. Let your nails be a reflection of your vibrant personality and make a statement that stands out from the crowd.


  • 100% Salon Quality Gel Nail Polish (non-toxic)
  • 60% Semi Baked, Easy to apply & remove
  • LED Lamp and Top Gel are needed to cure the nails for a fully baked long-lasting nails
  • We highly recommend a remover serum for an easy, damage-free peel off
  • Made in Korea
  • Opacity: Solid

How to Use:

  • Remove oil and moisture
  • Apply strip
  • File off excess
  • Bake under LED lamp for 1 minute
  • Apply top gel
  • Bake under LED lamp for 1-2 minutes


  • Do not store in hot or cold places or in direct sunlight
  • Wearing time may vary depending on the user's environment
  • Once opened, the product is good for 3 months. Recommended time to use is within 1 month as customer condition storage varies and the product may deteriorate due to air contact and temperature changes
  • Stop using if there is a wound on your hand or toenail or any abnormality in the surrounding skin
  • You may feel some heat when curing in the lamp, depending on the damage of your nails
  • Exchanges and returns are not allowed after use