Sea Salt Soak



Decompress and reset in conditioning Serrated Wrack, itch-fighting Oatmeal, soothing Tapioca, and relaxing Epsom and Sea Salts.

Key Actives:

  • Serrated Wrack
  • Oatmeal
  • Tapioca
  • Epsom Salt

How to Use:

  • Use 2 cups (400 g) of bath soak for a standard-size bathtub (150 L).  Pour the salt soak into warm, running water to help it dissolve faster.  Submerge as desired and soak in the bath for 12 to 20 minutes.
  • When done, rinse away any salt that is left on the skin after the bath with fresh water. Use caution when getting out of the bath as this product contains oils that may cause your bathtub surface to be slippery.
  • Tip: Rinse with cool water for other skin and health benefits Avoid soaking in a hot bath if you aim to maintain skin hydration. Especially avoid a hot bath if you are prone to dizziness and imbalance.


  • Soak in our aromatic Soothing Sea Salt Soak with restoring Serrated Wrack (brown algae), skin-calming Oatmeal, and irritation-fighting Tapioca, while Epsom and Sea Salts aid in relaxation. Unwind with the serene blend of stress-fighting Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, and Peppermint.