Root Brush



The Root Brush allows for easy styling as it is an amazing tool to support hairstyles. Most hairstyles are manipulated by the direction of the hair growth. Hair growth patterns are always different - just like fingerprints - and they are unique to each individual. Sometimes odd hair growth can result in cowlicks, double crowns and flat spots. The most frustrating of all is when hair falls foward in your face. The Root Brush is an effective tool to redirect the way your hair grows, allowing your style to fall into place. Styling is as easy as the nylon bristles are flexible to prevent snags. Repetitive brushing from the root area, upwards, will immediately redirect the hair growth. The tail makes it easy to create workable sections and gives you full control.


  • Strong flexible nylon bristles that prevent snags
  • Gentle on the scalp
  • Creates volume and lift at the root area
  • Redirects hair growth to eliminate flat spots
  • Helps distribute product evenly from roots to ends