Retro Shaving Brush


Brand Name: PLISSON1808

Beautiful shaving brush from the Joris collection, trimmed with a Russian Grey unscrewable tuft, retro lacquered, and finished in chrome.


  • Handle: Lacquer
  • Bristles: Russian Grey
  • Fiber: High Mountain White Fibre
  • Cut: 12
  • The Russian Grey hair is strong and firm: it stimulates and exfoliates your skin in depth with every stroke.
  • Halfway between pure Black and European Grey, it is the most accessible of our natural hair ranges.
  • With an emulsifying power that allows you to obtain a thick lather, it is ideal for medium-hard beards or those looking for an invigorating and pleasant shaving experience.
  • Handcrafted in France and equipped with a removable head, this shaving brush is a superb shaving accessory that provides you with an optimal grip and that you can keep for many years, even throughout your life. 

How To Use:

  • With the beard soap: On your soap, make light circular movements with a shaving brush subtly moistened with warm water until you obtain a creamy lather, which you apply to your wet skin. Always make circular movements for 1 to 2 minutes to facilitate shaving: this gesture stimulates your skin and softens and straightens the hair of your beard.
  • With shaving cream: Wet your shaving brush lightly with warm water, then place a dab of cream directly on it, in a shaving bowl, or on your wet cheeks. Spread the cream over your skin in a circular motion for 1 to 2 minutes. The emulsifying reaction created by the shaving brush and the cream provides you with a layer of moisturizing protection.


  • Remove any traces of cream or soap after each use by rinsing your shaving brush with warm water.
  • Then wring out the bristles between your fingers and gently rub them on a clean, dry towel to remove any moisture.
  • You can then store the shaving brush on your stand, preferably upside down to help remove any remaining moisture.