Rebalancing Facial Cream



Ylang Ylang Rebalancing Facial Cream

De-stress and rebalance your skin with restoring cream infused with ylang-ylang, and a bouquet of other flowers cultivated in the South of France. Lightweight and gentle, yet highly efficacious and concentrated, this balancing moisturizer is a perfect choice for oily or combination skin. The sweet scent of ylang-ylang blossoms and a mélange of other precious botanical and floral ingredients, gives this balancing cream calming aromatherapeutic benefits, bringing a peaceful air of contentment to your daily self-care ritual.

Key Benefits:

  • Targets at dullness and brightening skin complexion
  • Reveals a glowing and smooth skin
  • Promotes feelings of love and joy
  • Rich exotic flora Ylang Ylang scent uplifts the mood + alleviates feelings of stress and anxiety

How to Use:

  • Apply twice daily (morning and evening) on your face, neck and décolleté. Use as desired.
  • Gently press product onto the skin with your hand, palm moving upward.
  • Place your hands near your nose and breathe deeply to inhale the fresh scent of the rose, allowing it to help relax your body and mind.

Active Ingredients:
Fusion Floral 6*TM including Organic White Rose (Rose Alba) Extract, Rose Centifolia (Rose de Mai), Rose Gallica Extract, Organic Rose Damascena Extract, Organic Lavender Extract, White Peony Extract, Immortelle Extract, Ylang Ylang Extract