Pulse Point Oil Collection


Brand Name: ESPA

The perfect size to carry wherever you go, this collection of four ESPA Pulse Point Oils, each with their own vegan leather case, are the perfect option for wellbeing, on the go. Each oild blend is in a handy portable format, allowing you to carry wellness with you throughout the day. 
Tailor your scent to your wellbeing needs by performing a sensory test. Apply a blend to each wrist, deeply inhale the aroma one at a time, taking note of which you are most attracted to. The blend you find most appealing represents the solution to your wellbeing needs at that moment.


  • Positivity Pulse Point Oil, 9ml
  • Energising Pulse Point Oil, 9ml
  • Restorative Pulse Point Oil, 9ml
  • Soothing Pulse Point Oil, 9ml