Organic Pantyliners



Fresh, clean, organic and barely there. Nice.

  • Our super thin pantyliners are light, breathable, and certified organic cotton.
  • Just the protection and freshness you need, and nothing  more.
  • Pantyliners are individually wrapped in a starch film and have biodegradable polymer for adhesion.
  • Save the planet as well as your body – and get on with your day.
  • Certified organic cotton pantyliners, no toxins or chlorine bleaches. 100%-plastic free. Hypoallergenic. Pause, change or cancel at any time.

What's Included:

  • 24 barely-there certified organic pantyliners. Nice.


  • To your door. Wherever you are. And if you move, simply login and change your address. As often as you like.
  • Easy peasy. Welcome to the Tribe.

Our Packaging:

  • Your first month subscription comes with a cute jute bag that has been design to sit proudly in your bathroom, or take pride of place on a counter.
  • Subsequent refill months will arrive wrapped in recycled paper. Why waste packaging when our products and you are the stars?

Tampon Tribe Pantyliners:

  • 100% pure GOTS certified organic cotton absorbent core
  • Hypoallergenic to reduce the risks of irritation and allergy
  • Ultra-thin, more discrete and comfortable
  • Special design for every day
  • Cotton non-woven coversheet with special interlace to stop fibres sticking on your skin
  • Wrapped individually for easy carrying and access
  • Plastic free – wrap is a starch film
  • Adhesive strip for a security fit, biodegradable polymer
  • Perfume and superabsorbent free
  • No chlorine or dioxin used in the bleaching process