Mist Bundle



Each one of these sprays will take care of your skin in different moments of the day, making this kit the perfect one.


  • Puryfing Mist: protects and hydrates your skin from impurities. It also regulates oil production. Ideal application after cleansing your skin.
  • Refreshing Mist: hidrates and brightens the complexión. Awakens the senses and lifts the mood. Apply a veil of mist to refresh the skin throughout the day, especially in hot or dry conditions.
  • Relaxing Mist: hydrates, soothing and calming. Ideal application before bed to calm and replenish the skin while you sleep or during the day if skin feels irritated.

How To Use:

  • Close your eyes and spray the spray several times on your face from a moderate distance.
  • Apply it when you need it! Our Purifying Spray will give you a clean sensation and will protect your skin from external agents.
  • Use the Refreshing Spray when you need a hydration boost during the day.
  • Finally, take a breath and enjoy the moment with our Relaxing Spray.

Hero Ingredients:

  • C B D: A hidden gem of Colombia, with a unique potential for the skin. It contains antioxidant properties and an emollient effect.
  • Rose Water: Recognized for protecting skin cells and improving their conditions, as well as reducing redness due to irritation
  • Red Sage Extract: Recognized for providing protection and restores comfort to the skin, even sensitive skin, particularly when environmental factors such as pollution are exposed.