Mirror Powder Kit


Brand Name: WEEKLY GEL

Mirror Nail Powder Kit #22

The Complete Kit for Perfect Mirror and Metallic Manicures:

  • Feeling a little bored with your manicures? Try mixing it up with our new Mirror Nail Powder Kit! This all-in-one kit includes: Mirror powder, Mirror powder gel, and an applicator to buff in the product and create your perfect look. Our unique Mirror Powder formula adds a stunning metallic finish to any gel nail color in our Weekly Gel collection. Whether you want metallic tips, a streak of metal, or you want to coat your entire nail in gorgeous metallics, our Mirror Nail Powder kit is the perfect solution.

Kit includes:

  • Mirror Powder
  • Mirror Powder Gel
  • Applicator

How to apply:

  • To begin, start with a base of gel nails using any of our Weekly Gel gel polishes. For this step, we recommend using two coats of Weekly Gel for best results. Cure each coat for 30 seconds using our HOMEI LED Lamp.
  • Next up, grab your Mirror Powder Gel and create the design of your choice on your nails. Once you’ve completed your design, cure the gel for 30 seconds under your UV lamp.
  • . The final step is to use the eyeshadow applicator (included) to pick up a generous amount of Mirror Powder and apply it to your nails. Once applied, use the applicator to buff the product into your nail to create metallic effect. It’s that simple!