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Comprising of two unique formulas, Lumity Morning & Night works at a cellular level, in harmony with the body's circadian rhythm to support your different needs throughout the day and night. Contributing towards improved cognitive function and electrolyte balance, healthy skin and hair, strong bones, muscle function and a reduction in fatigue and tiredness. Supporting a strong immune system as well as the maintenance of strong muscle function and overall optimum health.


  • Morning: Take 4 softgels at the start of your day. The Morning capsules support your body during the day whilst it is in active mode. Designed specifically to boost energy, immunity, and focus; they work to clear out toxins, repair oxidative damage and protect DNA.
  • Evening: Take 4 softgels at the end of your day. The Night capsules support your body whilst in repair mode. Designed to enhance the rejuvenating quality of sleep by protecting against glycation and free radical damage. Naturally stimulating the release of human growth hormone, which repairs and regenerates the body's tissues while you sleep.