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Long before modern medicine was invented, our ancestors used plants and herbs for mental clarity, sleep issues, improved health, hot flashes, pain, and many other things. Magu was an Ancient Chinese Goddess of Hemp. She symbolizes health and healing and is often seen with her basket of herbs. Our teas are 100% organic and formulated for specific wants and needs.


  • 500mg / 100mg per teabag
  • Net wt. 20 grams (4 per bag)
  • Chamomile has been used for years to reduce anxious emotions and insomnia while displaying inflammatory properties
  • Valerian Root is known to assist with insomnia, headaches, and nervousness
  • Passionflower is known to increase neurotransmitter GABA



  • Bring 1 cup (8oz) of clean water to a boil
  • Place tea bag into an empty, clean cup & pour hot water over the teabag
  • Steep for 4-5 minutes, or desired amount of time
  • 1 teabag can be used for three (8oz) cups
  • For best results brew and drink an hour before bedtime

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp, Peppermint, Valerian Root, Hibiscus, Licorice Root, chamomile, Passion Flower & California Poppy Flower