Highlighter Pencil



Our revolutionary ultra-blendable double-sided cream-in-a-pencil formula brightens, corrects and balances all skin tones, contours features, and camouflages blemishes and dark spots. It is easy to use alone, or under or over COLORFLO mineral makeup to perfect and protect skin quickly. True to SPC's minimalist and multi-purpose mission, it performs several functions with just one product. Applied as a creamy Concealer, Corrector, Highlighter, Contour pencil, it also provides natural Sun protection as it contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.


  • Gluten free, Paraben free, Silicone free, and Cruelty free
  • One side brightens – Lift eye, define brow, highlight top of cheekbone, soften lines from nose to mouth
  • Other side corrects – Neutralize discolorations on the lid and underneath the eye, camouflage imperfections, sunspots, and redness
  • Highlight & Contour – Makes it easy to shape and define face, cheekbones, and nose. When contouring- Choose a warmer shade 2-3 times deeper than your foundation color

Choose Your Perfect COLORCORRECT:

  • Use C1 with COLORFLO shades M1-M5
  • Use C2 with COLORFLO shades M5-M8
  • Use C3 with COLORFLO shades M8-M11
  • Use C4 with shades M8-M12 and all shades of COLORFLO as contour