Health & Beauty Book



Our second edition book is here for 2022. Perfect for anyone seeking to optimize the way they, and their whole family, look and feel.

In our Guide to Natural Health and Beauty, you’ll find customized treatment plans that will help you kickstart your body’s own healing mechanisms. Using carefully selected herbal and homeopathic remedies, as well as nutritional advice and supplements, you can maximize your inner and outer well-being. Whatever your age the expert words from co-founder Margo Marrone, will help you discover the right products and remedies – so you can feel and look your best.


  • Understand how to use herbal remedies, homeopathy, and nutritional approaches to feel and look your best.
  • A step-by-step program for more than 30 common conditions – from sore throats to arthritis, from hay fever to sleep problems, from acne to infertility.
  • Learn how to bring nature into your skincare routine and reduce your impact on the planet – this guide will show you how.