Hair Product Duo



Beyond Straight - a humidity resistant, temporary straightener with wheat protein and thermal protection. 


  • It helps to reduce frizz and relax curls. 
  • It has a natural blend of matricaria, kiwi and henna (neutral) that adds conditioning. 
  • You can use with a blow dryer alone or together with a flat iron for optimum control and added manageability. 
  • It is humidity resistant.
  • 8oz bottle. 


  • 100% oil free, alcohol free and preservative free. 
  • The End is derived from natural silica sand and puts a micro layer of virtually weightless protection on the hair creating an extraordinary shine. 
  • It leaves a silky smooth to touch surface. 
  • Seals and protects the cuticle and helps prevent split ends. 
  • Brush glides through the hair reducing excessive pulling and damage during blow drying and styling. 
  • Locks in moisture and keeps humidity out therefore preventing frizzies. 
  • It creates a non-stick surface repelling dirt, dust particles and other external damaging elements. 
  • Hair stays cleaner and styles hold longer.