Flower Curl



What is it:

Create silky heatless curls with Cordina Hair's patented hair curler. Coated in satin fabric, the Flower Curl® curls your hair beautifully without causing any damage.  Quick and ease to use, allowing you to sleep comfortably overnight without having the curler getting in the way.  Comes with lightweight hair grips to secure the hair in place.


  • Satin helps to tame frizz, dryness, breakage and friction
  • Longer lasting heatless curls
  • Reveal silky heatless curls in seconds
  • Curler doesn't cover your ears and will not sit around your face, allowing you to enjoy your beauty sleep without feeling discomfort
  • Create different hair curling results using one hair curler


  • Hand made in United Kingdom
  • Satin fabric
  • Suitable for different hair lengths: armpit length, Mid-back, waist length, tailbone length

How To Use:

  • Position the Flower Curl into a high ponytail (no hair ties required)
  • Section hair according to the number of rings
  • Wrap hair around each ring and secure with hair grips supplied

Versions Available:

  • Flower Curl 4 Rings: for fine to medium thick hair | RRP: £32.00
  • Flower Curl 5 rings: for thick hair | RRP: £38.00