Facial Scrub




  • Facial Scrub is a gentle organic exfoliant/cleanser intended for daily use, and Part I of the Facial4. Perfect for ensuring no micro-deposits of old makeup or day-to-day debris. The constant removal of dead or damaged skin boosts the incredible new cell regenerative abilities of face +Tamanu and eye +Tamanu. Please note: To all those who have tried and loved the original Facial Scrub, you will love this new version even more. What used to be a honey-rich core, is now entirely core. This product is seriously to die for and, due to its rich color and texture, codenamed "the lil pot of gold." 

How to use:

  •  Apply small amount to problem areas o With weight of a fingertip gently rub outwards in a circular motion to cover face & neck o Don't linger on any singular location o Entire step should take no more than 3 minutes o Wash away with warm water Note: On days when Organic Mask will follow, pat dry face, immediately apply. Other days directly apply eye +Tamanu, then face +Tamanu. 

What to expect:

  • Aroma: Unsweetened coconut 
  • Texture: Mix fine/coarse damp 
  • Skin: Exfoliated, invigorated, refreshed

manuka honey,Cocos nucifera (organic coconut) oil, pumice