Eyebrow Gel and Brush



A glass jar with two gel shades plus a majestical brush with two tips makes this one product as multi-dimensional as it gets! The DARKER color shade defines the eyebrow edges, arch, and tail. The LIGHTER shade fills the inner brow. Use the ANGLED brush tip to define and the SPOOLIE brush to blend the two color shades.


  • American Quality: Made in the USA from our exclusive formula, this cream-like eyebrow gel contains safe and quality ingredients such as castor oil: a healthy ingredient that can help stimulate hair growth. Our brushes are cruelty free and woven with luxurious synthetic “hair”.
  • Water Resistant: Our creamy smudge free gel formula applies easily, smooth as silk and stays on for a few days or until you take it off with makeup remover. High in pigment, our eyebrow gel is certified cruelty free & vegan.
  • Natural Pour: We have worked hard to make sure that each one of our duo sets looks as natural as possible. To complement our friendly formulation, we have hand-poured each one of our duos to reflect the uniqueness of our brand.