Diamond Lumiere



A virtual “Liquid Light”, this innovative, brightening serum-elixir features diamond water containing the most rare light on the planet. Själ’s micro-hyaluronic acid based diamond water serum-elixir is designed to provide powerful anti-aging benefits by transforming light into energy, giving skin an instant glow, radiance and brightness, as well as cellular DNA and immune boosting protection, repair and lift.

Diamond Lumière utilizes potent algae and marine extracts containing natural light, combined with five distinctive brightening complexes and a platinum peptide matrix for brightening, collagen production, cellular energy, melanin reduction for hyper pigmentation, and regeneration. This serum-elixir protects against UV, DNA, and cell membrane damage. Själ’s refined, lightweight, yet transformative anti-aging product is perfect for all skin types, and may be used alone or as a powerful booster within the själ regimen for a youthful, luminous complexion.

Key Ingredients: 

  • Diamond water
  • Thermus thermophillus immune-boosting ferment
  • Whitening hyaluronic acid
  • Platinum peptide complex
  • Bio-Brightening complex
  • Plankton melanogenic complex 
  • White shiitake mushroom extract
  • Diamond
  • Platinum