Cleansing Cloth


Brand Name: UND GRETEL

I am a soft cotton cloth with which you can gently and thoroughly cleanse your face and gently remove make-up. I am also the perfect counterpart to REINE , the Natural Deep Cleansing Oil. Together we are a great team and clean your skin gently and reliably. Oh yes, I'm also vegan.


  • Contents: 1 CLEAN TOWEL
  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Dimensions: 37x37 cm

How To Use:

  • With me you can easily remove your cleansing oil, eg REINE , or your cleansing lotion
  • Make-up, mascara and lipstick are thoroughly removed from your skin with my help and the skin is deeply cleansed
  • Wash me before your first application at 60 degrees