Aphrodisiac Body Oil


Brand Name: FLORACO

Calling all lovers, we have blended a limited release of our sensual love potion just in time for Valentine's Day. Aphrodisiac Perfume Oil is designed to awaken the passion and desire in each of us. It will stimulate the senses with an arousing blend of ylang ylang, black pepper and citrus oil. Flowers have been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac to boost confidence, ignite passion, and put you into a relaxed state of mind. The beautiful and potent aphrodisiac ylang ylang will elevate your sense of touch and encourage intimacy. Black pepper is known to enhance libido and stimulate blood circulation. While the bright and uplifting citrus notes will elevate your mood in and out of the bedroom. Aphrodite, the namesake goddess of this roller, had an irresistibly alluring quality, attracting mortals and immortals alike. When you need a boost of Aphrodite’s confidence and ability to attract whatever it is you desire, the aphrodisiac roller will help you tap into the power of your own inner goddess. Our sense of smell plays a major role in controlling mood, memory, behavior and our emotions. Our small batch, perfume rollers have been carefully blended to promote an intimate connection between our mind and body. 


  • ylang ylang | black pepper | citrus
  • Top: Ylang Ylang
  • Middle: Black Pepper
  • Base:Citrus