Amethyst Eye Mask


Brand Name: KNESKO

Get ready to bat your eyelashes at our Amethyst Hydrate Collagen Eye Masks! Combined with scientifically-proven ingredients, Amethyst benefits elevate your skincare routine by helping your eyes appear hydrated and nourished. Your eyes work hard; give them a little TLC by taking the time to unwind and restore.

Skin Benefits:

  • Hydrating
  • Nourishing
  • Restoring
  • Age-Defying
  • De-Stressing
  • Plumping
  • Refreshing
  • De-Puffing
  • Brightening

Product Details:

  • If your intentions for Amethyst include brighter, more luminous eyes, then our proprietary Hydrating Complex is here to help! The microcirculation benefits of Amethyst Powder are combined with collagen-boosting Squalane and moisturizing Panthenol (VIT B5), fostering a healthy skin microbiome and hitting the rewind button for a youthful under-eye area! View the full Knesko formula here.
  • All masks are crafted using our proprietary Gemclinical® Technology, which acts as a one-way delivery system to maximize infusion of the doctor-formulated ingredients and enhance the treatment results.