Use the total coverage sponge to flawlessly buff and blend out heavy duty makeup formulas like foundations and concealers. The AirSponge Full Coverage is the best beauty sponge to get medium to full coverage out of creams, liquids, and powders. When wet, the makeup sponge’s water-sealed cells push product to the top to block formula buildup inside its body. Complete makeup applications expertly as you layer, blend, and contour to hide dark marks and blemishes. Apply makeup with the bottom end to smooth out large areas without a cakey appearance, and use the pointed tip to maneuver around the eyes, nose, and lips.


  • Makeup blender sponge, full coverage
  • Wet the sponge and squeeze excess water out.
  • Practice bouncing (aka “stippling”) the sponge on your skin to deposit full even coverage.
  • The best way to clean the makeup sponge is with a gentle makeup cleanser and warm water. Let it air dry before storing to reduce bacteria buildup.
  • Experience the AirSponge Full Coverage’s total potential by using it to apply lotions, sunscreens, and facial cleansers.
  • All AirSponges can be reused for up to 3-6 months, depending on care and application frequency.