Actiforce Range



Your Complete Actiforce Hair Routine!

The beauty secret inspired by the traditional heritage of Afro-Caribbean women for hair in search of strength and vitality.

A unique combination of Carapate and Sapote, this line offers hydration, nutrition and strength to curly and frizzy hair.


  • Actiforce Oil Bath
  • Actiforce Fortifying Shampoo
  • Co-Wash Actiforce
  • Leave-in Actiforce
  • Actiforce Blow Cream
  • Hair Food Actiforce
  • Actiforce Hair Butter
  • Actiforce Sealing Oil
  • Actiforce Softening Mist
  • Actiforce Fortifying Care Mask

How to Use:

  • Step #1 Repair with Actiforce Oil Bath: With its unique combination of pure plant oils, Actiforce Oil Bath is ideal for nourishing and restoring split ends and dull, brittle lengths.
  • Step #2 Wash with Actiforce Strengthening Shampoo: Actiforce Shampoo gently rids the scalp of impurities and fortifies the hair fiber as it goes. Nourishment, softness and suppleness are the result!
  • Or with Actiforce Co-wash: Enriched with plant proteins for more nutrition and hydration, Actiforce gentle cream wash gently washes, reduces tangles and facilitates detangling. Non-foaming and extra gentle, it is ideal for spacing out your shampoos.
  • Step #3 Treat with Actiforce Fortifying Hair Mask: Enriched with plant proteins, the creamy formula of Actiforce Strengthening Care-Mask melts into the hair for deep regeneration of the hair fiber, from roots to ends. Ideal for perfect hydration, it also makes detangling easier.
  • Step #4 Maintain with Actiforce Softening Mist: A true hair base, Actiforce Smoothing Mist, moisturizes, detangles and softens hair without weighing it down, making it easy to style.
  • Or with Actiforce Leave-in: Moisture and nutrition! Actiforce Leave-in brings strength and vitality to hair. Without leaving hair greasy, it defines and boosts curls.
  • Or with the Actiforce® Blow-Dry Cream: Enriched with Carapate and Sapote, it provides daily strength and resistance to frizz and frizzy hair without weighing it down. Without rinsing, its creamy texture coats the hair, bringing softness, nutrition and hydration.
  • Step #5 Style with Actiforce Sealing Oil: Ideal for nourishing, sealing in moisture and keeping your hair hydrated longer (LOC or LCO methods). Thanks to its light texture, Actiforce Sealing Oil brings strength, nutrition and protection to hair without weighing it down. It is the ideal finishing touch to seal in moisture, add shine and softness to hair while subtly perfuming it.
  • Or with Actiforce Hair Food: Actiforce Hair Food nourishes, protects and above all disciplines the hair! This way, frizz is reduced and the hair is left frizz-free.