Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
May 30, 2023 04:38 PM

BeautyTalks with Alison Smith, Founder of Wildbloom Skincare


How did Wildbloom Skincare come to be? 

WildBloom Skincare was founded by two working moms after we both found that we were gravitating more and more towards homemade, natural, and organic skincare solutions but that everything on the market seemed to be packed with chemicals, were overly expensive, or really just didn’t work for our needs. Our flagship product was BUG, an all-natural bug repellent balm that we formulated to avoid putting harsh chemicals on our families’ skin, but also wouldn’t sweat off of our super active kids. The brand grew to include a full range of skincare products after merging with another all-natural, Colorado-based company that had similar proprietary formulations, but also addressed very specific skincare needs. Today, we operate in most states in the country and continue to be committed to natural and organic pure skincare formulations. Our mission has expanded to meet the needs of busy women who don’t just expect pure, but also sustainable and responsible. We are committed to net-zero plastic consumption in our packaging through a partnership with The Plastic Bank and also donate one book to a child in need for every purchase that is made through our company.


“Our mission has expanded to meet the needs of busy women who don’t just expect pure, but also sustainable and responsible.


What are Wildbloom Skincare’s key ingredients ? 

At WildBloom, we use only the purest ingredients. We formulate our products with ingredients that are all Allergen-free, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, chemical-free, and Non-GMO. Our customers love the anti-aging vitamins packed into some of our best-sellers, like vitamin C, A, and F, as well as the fan-favorite and highly effective hyaluronic acid. We scent our products with 100% pure, plant-based, therapeutic-grade essential oils. One of our favorite go-tos is lavender, for that light and fresh floral scent. 


How important is being sustainable and effective to Wildbloom Skincare? 

Sustainability and the protection of our planet is key to the WildBloom mission. That’s why we’re moving to package all of our products in 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging. We are dedicated to being Bright Beyond the Bottle, our promise to reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing the use of unnecessary plastic in our products and maintaining a pure planet.


What is your staple Wildbloom Skincare product? 

Our customers love our Wildflower & Honey facial cleanser, voted number one in the Delicious Living consumer choice awards. It’s the perfect cleanser for all skin types, gentle on the skin but strong enough to give pores a deep and restorative cleanse. 


Run us through your morning routine! 

Wash your face!   So many people don’t wash their faces in the morning and the evening.  I start out with our WildBloom Charcoal + Citrus Cleanser followed by the Sea Salt Tonic and Renewed Radiance Facial Oil.  After the oil dries to matte, I top it off with our Hyaluronic Rescue Serum.  On days where I want to feel more polished, I use our Tinted SPF as a foundation replacement all over or just use it in my T zone for SPF protection.  


Tell us about being a Net Zero Plastic Partner with Plastic Bank! 

We are thrilled to participate in a partnership with Plastic Bank, an organization which ethically recovers plastic that would have otherwise landed in the ocean while improving the lives of those who help collect it. Participating members around the world collect plastic and bring it to Plastic Bank locations who sort it by color and type.  These members are then compensated by credits immediately deposited into their accounts and can be redeemed for essentials such as food, clothing, health insurance and more! The collected plastic is then recycled and made into new plastic within their closed-loop supply chain. Less plastic in the ocean, ethical work for coastal communities in need, and less demand for virgin plastic in the world--a win for all!  

WildBloom has committed to 50,000 bottles prevented annually and 55 families impacted through this program. We will continue to increase this commitment as our bottle use increases while still working to eliminate plastic from our production. We can proudly say that through our support of Plastic Bank, we are a net-zero plastic company in both operations and production!


“We can proudly say that through our support of Plastic Bank, we are a net-zero plastic company in both operations and production!”


How has Wildbloom Skincare evolved throughout the years? 

Our company began in 2018 as a result of a perfect storm of working moms needing to shift directions. We formulated a bug repellent balm made with all-natural ingredients–a chemical-free alternative that was safe to put on our kids. It smells great and it works!

After positive reviews from family and friends, it was time to take our kid-proven bug repellent to market. We called our company Wilton Field Club--we were members of a pool club in Weston, CT, and decided to do a play on this as the company name. We eventually decided to expand and also test a variety of personally-formulated clean skincare products as well. We branded these products Green Girl--a name more in line with the commitment we were making to all-natural effective products in sustainable packaging. 

In addition to the MANY surprises that 2020 brought (some of us were just not made to homeschool kindergartners!!), we were presented with several acquisition opportunities. WildBloom Skincare was a company like ours--founded by women, run by working moms, and dedicated to all-natural, organic, vegan and sustainable skincare products.  In March of 2021, we finished the acquisition of WildBloom and decided to take on the name (because let’s face it, it’s just beautiful!).  

Today, we continue to formulate 100% pure, all-natural skincare and work towards 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging.


“Today, we continue to formulate 100% pure, all-natural skincare and work towards 100% sustainable and recyclable packaging.”


What is your most memorable moment with Wildbloom Skincare? 

We had a new employee that joined the company and started using the products daily. She had psoriasis and really hadn’t found anything that worked.  After a short time of using our Renewed Radiance Facial Oil, she called and was raving about how well it worked and how her psoriasis was gone.  We have lots of great reviews, but I remember feeling really proud that one of our own had experienced such incredible results on something that had caused her frustration for so long.  


What sets Wildbloom Skincare apart from other skincare brands? 

Today, the health and beauty market is saturated with brands joining the movement for pure, all-natural skincare. While we at WildBloom are excited to be a part of this clean beauty revolution, we are also dedicated to helping our community in a number of other ways. Aside from our commitment to sustainability in our ingredients and packaging, and our involvement with the Plastic Bank to aid our planet and coastal communities, we are also committed to supporting our local community here in Wilton, CT. We are a proud sponsor of local events promoting culture and small businesses in the area, such as the CT Culture Crawl. Additionally, we are active supporters of children’s literacy, with involvement in such organizations as Read to Grow, as well as our pledge to donate one book for each sale we make to a charity supporting children’s literacy. The protection of our planet and community goes well beyond clean beauty at WildBloom–we are Bright Beyond the Bottle!


What does the future look like for Wildbloom Skincare? 

We are excited to continue eliminating plastic from our entire product line, carrying on our ongoing mission to strive for net-zero plastic waste. We also have some exciting new products in the works that will be releasing soon, expanding our customers’ options for the cleanest, purest skincare solutions out there today! 


Besides Wildbloom Skincare, what are you passionate about?

Lots of things!  Probably my favorite passion project is my involvement with Ms. President US. MPU is a non-partisan organization that teaches girls between 4-12 about civic involvement, public speaking and community service.  I have seen girls that were too shy to say hello at the beginning of the program year stand up in front of a room of hundreds at the election and passionately discuss what community issues mean most to them.  I also lead my 7 year old’s Girl Scout Troop and love the passion that this age group has in learning about new things.  In short, I am really passionate about organizations and projects that empower young women to never lose their voices!