Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 25, 2023 05:09 PM

BeautyTalks with Irina Khan, General Manager of vvbetter


What inspired the creation of vvbetter?

Our company has been working in the K-beauty industry since 2017. We started as the distributors of famous and not famous Korean skincare and hair care products to the global market. After years of working with our overseas partners from different countries, we realized that we would like to create our own brand based on our knowledge of the strong and weak sides of other brands and based on the feedback of our long-term partners. Although there are plenty of cosmetic brands, our customers were still looking for something a little bit better.


How did you come up with the name vvbetter?

vvbetter strives to create effective products that gradually work on the skin day after day and make it better: more hydrated, firm, and radiant. This repetition or consistency, to be better is the key to improvement. That is why the word very repeats for the second time. It reminds us that we can never be perfect, but we can always become better versions of ourselves.


“vvbetter strives to create effective products that gradually work on the skin day after day and make it better: more hydrated, firm, and radiant.”


Tell us more about vvbetter’s brand philosophy!

We wanted to encode a simple philosophy: with very very gentle skin care every day your skin becomes noticeably better. For us not only good ingredients matter but also ergonomic packaging. Each product is easy and hygienic to use, so our customers won’t feel troublesome of using skincare on daily basis, and would come back to the store for our product again and again.  


“We wanted to encode a simple philosophy: with very very gentle skin care every day your skin becomes noticeably better.”


How important is being clean to vvbetter?

Clean skincare products are not just our goal. It’s the main pillar of vvbetter’s identity. We select only the manufacturers with Good Manufacturing Practice certification, which means they follow FDA regulations and can guarantee that the products are safe, pure, and effective.


Tell us more about the Firming Eye Cream!

We tested around 30 different eye creams and eye serums before we came up with our VVBETTER Firming Eye Cream. We used trendy and effective ingredients such as bakuchiol and peptides for anti-aging, squalene for deep hydration, and vitamin C for brightening. We also used green tea extract instead of purified water to increase the moisturizing effect and make skin even healthier and more radiant. Besides that, it has a such cool packaging! You just twist the bottle, pump it, and get the eye cream. Then you twist it again, and it’s closed. Safe to be carried with you anywhere, anytime. 


What are vvbetter’s hero ingredients?

It’s probably the TECA – a combination of Asiatic acid, Asiaticoside, Madecassic acid, and Madecassoside to enhance skin regeneration and make the skin barrier more resilient.


Run us through your night-time routine!

After a long working day, I prefer to remove the makeup with VVBETTER Cleansing Oil, which will be available soon! Then finish cleansing with the pH 5.5 Soothing Cleansing Foam. After that, I swipe my face with the AHA Boosting Toner. It’s important to do it right after cleansing while the skin is still not fully dry, and apply the TECA Lifting Moisture Serum and some eye cream under the eye area. Since I have an oily combination skin type, it’s usually enough. But during the winter season, my skin feels dry. So, I also apply the TECA Lifting Moisture Cream to wake up hydrated and recharged.


What is your personal favorite vvbetter product?

It’s the AHA Boosting Toner, I can’t imagine my daily routine without it. It makes my skin tone even and radiant day by day. I also like that slight tingling feeling which means that peeling acids really work! It’s not too strong or aggressive so I can use it every morning and evening.


Could you share a skincare secret with us?

Here are two secrets that I would like to share, but maybe it’s not a secret for skincare lovers. First, use sunscreen even if it’s gloomy or rainy outside! I’ve noticed that sunscreen really protects my skin from fast aging. And second, always wash off the sunscreen in the evening with your favorite cleansing product. It could be a cleansing oil or micellar water etc.


What is your most memorable moment with vvbetter?

Every beauty exhibition that we took part in is memorable because we see the reaction of the customers and we get so much great feedback after. It inspires us to work harder and deliver better and better products.


What’s next for vvbetter?

We are proud to announce that three new products will launch soon!

It’s a cleansing oil that I’ve mentioned, a sunscreen, and a tightening mask!

We will introduce our brand to the EU market this year. That’s why we are visiting a beauty expo in Bologna, Italy in March. We will also revisit the Las Vegas Beauty convention and a few expos in Southeast Asia as well.


Besides vvbetter, what are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about skincare, in general, that’s why I always try something new, combine different brands, and see the changes. I also love to learn new languages and travel overseas, not only for sightseeing and tasty food but also to understand the culture and skincare routine habits of people from different countries.