Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 20, 2023 09:54 PM

BeautyTalks with Lina Kennedy, Director at The Tan Brush


What inspired the creation of The Tan Brush?

The inspiration to create The Tan Brush came to fruition when we watched a Lady Gaga documentary, Feb 2019. While the makeup artist was applying something to Lady Gaga’s body before she went onstage, Pamela Kennedy looked at Karyn Booth and asked, “What’s that?” To which Karyn replied, “Looks like she’s applying a body bronzer or self-tan.” Pamela said (or rather screamed…) with disbelief, “With a brush!!?”  They then went onto Instagram and found there were no tan brush, no has tags, nothing! That’s when they decided to set about creating The Tan Brush brand.


Tell us a bit about the founder behind this amazing company!

There are two founders behind this company and one extra who entered shortly after the inception of the idea. One is Pamela Kennedy, owner of her own professional beauty company called International Beauty Distribution for over 20 years in N Ireland and the UK markets. And the other is Karyn Booth, exceptional Food Stylist for the TV, and film industry for 30 years. Karyn’s creativity and dedication to perfection can be viewed on the famous and popular show “Game of Thrones”. And the third member of this company is me, Lina Kennedy, multipreneur, visionary, and owner of Alexandria Professional – the global authority in pro-sugaring since 1991.


How was the reaction from the public when finally introducing The Tan Brush?

The general reaction is with surprise! Surprised when they feel and try The Tan Brush and see how well it works. There was one massage therapist I had the chance to meet at the Cosmoprof in Vegas. She absolutely loved the brush for its very sensual feel (all due to the quality, design, and density of the bristles) it offers. She purchased two brushes to use in her multi-massage methodologies. (We don’t judge.) As for the public, they felt excited to finally have something that works better than the mitt. That brought on the “Ditch the Mitt” campaigning.


Why is it better to use a brush than a mitt when applying a tanning product?

The brush allows you to choose your favorite self-tan product, mouse, cream, or lotion, and feel confident that the entire product will be deposited onto your skin without wastage. The Self-tan product will sit on top of the bristles and not slip inside them. You use less product.

The Tan Brush also helps to buff the product onto your skin in even distribution. The density and the specific doming curb of the bristle design allows you to “grade off the skin” to give you the most natural-looking tan you can ever wish for. I am a very particular individual who expects nothing less than excellent results from anything my company manufactures or that I purchase and use. I tell everyone that I only self-tan my legs in the summer… not tanning has become a way of life because I am a very fair skinned person, having done my damages in the 70’s, 80’s and partial 90’s before I became who I am in the beauty industry. Although I did use the mitt prior to The Tan Brush, I proudly put name name behind The Tan Brush because my self-tanned legs never ever looked to beautifully natural with zero hot-spots and zero streaking. The extra bonus is that I don’t need to hurry up and wash my hands clean from the product so that my palms don’t take on the color! The Tan Brush is totally mess-free!


“The density and the specific doming curb of the bristle design allows you to “grade off the skin” to give you the most natural-looking tan you can ever wish for.”


What are some challenges you had to overcome with The Tan Brush?

We were getting ready to launch when Covid hit the world! I don’t have to describe the turmoil of the onset to Covid. But we did take this shutdown as an opportunity to structure our European Distribution, and a few other opportunities such as to grow the brand online.


How has your experience in beauty and health affected the outcome of The Tan Brush?

Pamela and I are both from the professional beauty industry. Pamela is a distributor for the Alexandria Professional brand in Ireland and the UK. That’s the special connection between us. And both of us have access to the professional salons as well as the salons’ retailing avenues. Through those channels, we can educate them to properly use The Tan Brush to help each user achieve optimum results that we all want to see with our tanned skin. Let’s face it… we all love the sun, and the great senses it offers us. But we also know the damages it can cause. Especially with those of us who work hand in hand with the people seeking help with their damaged skin. Get your D’s in small natural doses – the sun really is your friend and good for small dosages. But now you can get your natural-looking tan glow by using The Tan ‘Brush! …and save your skin. That’s what I do!


“Get your D’s in small natural doses – the sun really is your friend and good for small dosages.”


How has The Tan Brush evolved throughout the years?

The Tan Brush is a very young company. It can honestly be said that its evolution is its inception into its creation. The Tan Brush is the world’s 1st of its kind, and it followed up with The Tan Brush Cleanser, allowing you to keep your brush in the best condition for a very long time.


Walk us through your morning routine!

My two partners, Pamela, and Karyn, decided to defer to their partner, moi, to respond to this question. That’s because I actually have a morning ritual! Up at 5:30 am to take care of Wellsie, my gorgeous long-haired cat, and Sebastian, my Multi-Poo of 17 years who still behaves like a puppy! Meds for Sebastian, vitamins for me, and a healthy petting moment for Wellsie. Then, coffee goes on, and a slice of marathon bread gets toasted and slathered with natural cashew butter. Stretching for a few minutes to get the body going, pooper scooping from Sebastian’s own morning ritual, personal mantra repeated 3 times to ensure I don’t forget, NYT to catch up on anything important, FB and IG in case I find something inspiring to share with others (usually children, animals or just amazing people related stories), my business emails, personal messages, and then I get myself ready for the day! By the time 10am comes around, I am ready for anything. My emails are cleared, and I am dressed for anything that may pop up unexpectedly.


Is The Tan Brush looking to expand into new products in the near future?

The Tan Brush has no immediate intentions to expand its range. It may remain a 2 SKU brand.


What has been your most memorable moment with The Tan Brush?

The most memorable moment is when we won the Pure Beauty London Best New Beauty Accessory for 2021.


Where does The Tan Brush manufacture their products from?

The Tan Brush is manufactured in the PRC and packaged in the USA at my production center. The Tan Brush Cleanser is manufactured and packaged in the USA by my manufacturing team.


What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? I am personally guilty of not allowing myself more free time but that is in the works of changing! For now, I did take up golfing lessons. I do love to dance and took lessons for that as well. Work out when I can because it always leaves me feeling good. Walk a lot with Sebastian. Not sure how many more time we have left together – so my daughter and I try to include him as much as we can. Creating, creating, creating. You know how they say, “Put it on the back burner.” Well, I have one of the biggest inventories of back-burners filled with ideas that I simply don’t have the time to delve into or the money to back them up yet. I have back-burners, and side-burners for those ideas that I feel can get started. Whereas my daily surrounding team members have an imaginary sign they lift in the air whenever they want to say to me – STOP. Lol I love them all… for understanding who I am.