Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
May 13, 2021 04:09 PM

BeautyTalks with Själ Skincare Co-Founders Karen and Kristin Petrovich


You are a mother and daughter duo and product pioneering team. What made you interested at first in the skincare category.

Kristin: My mother and I were skincare junkies, constantly searching for the best products providing the best results.  We launched during a time where ingredients were not a focus, the body was not looked at as an energy system and multi-tasking products were unheard of. There was a huge gap as beauty was not meeting the needs of the modern-day consumer. We wanted to eliminate the confusing regimens and marketing and basically create a staple in one's beauty, wellness regimen.  


"Själ was designed for all ethnicities and skin types with aim to put the needs of the consumers first."


Tell us about a bit how Själ Skincare came to be as a concept.

The brand was truly created for the modern person who wants a high-quality, effective product that is good for them, simple to use with immediate and long-term results. To do this we used an integrative concept of Eastern with Western medicines infused with gemstones for energy and balancing. We wanted to focus on anti-aging and prevention in a nutritionally complete formula- we looked at the product from a 360 perspective in terms of performance, texture, absorbency, and packaging. A majority of our ingredients are sourced from Europe and Japan for their purity levels, innovation, and efficacy. Our innovation is the most advanced biotechnology derived from Europe based on nature and enhanced with energy from precious minerals and gemstones. Själ was designed for all ethnicities and skin types with aim to put the needs of the consumers first.  


How many products are in the line currently, what are the must-haves?

We have nine products currently and our must-haves are the saphir concentrate oil, kura or cela moisturizer (depending on skin type/preference/climate), and bio-regeneratif serum. 


The GlossWire team loves the packaging of the products was the branding on that level an important part of the story?

I come from a design background and wanted for the packaging to reflect what is inside the bottle- modernity, innovation, and timelessness. The story or brand really isn't about my mother or myself but rather about the consumer who wants quality ingredients, performance, and simplicity. We wanted to do the hard work so the client could have all the benefits as well as the ease of use. In other words, we like to consider Själ a practical luxury.  


Share with us your go-to essential key ingredients and what issues they tackle.

First up, platinum peptide it is a double peptide complex with a platinum delivery system. This ingredient provides direct cell targeting for regeneration, anti-aging, and wrinkles.  Platinum is used as a high-frequency delivery system that is directed toward a weaker frequency. It's the same delivery system that is used in cancer medication. Second, our gemstone blend, a proprietary blend of sapphire, diamond, citrine, tourmaline, ruby, and amethyst which provides skin with microcirculation, energy, and glow. Third, silver which is a natural microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory. Finally, licorice extract for brightening, calming, and anti-inflammatory issues.  


What are your Själ staples?

The eye cream which is an airless bottle easy to carry in a purse, gym bag, or carry on. It is highly absorbent calming and cooling addressing puffiness, contouring, and lifting. Another product we find incredibly important is our mineral kalla energy tonic mist - it's a mineral essence containing a bio-adhesive hyaluronic acid, calming rose water, gold (natural DNA booster), and silver (natural antiviral and antimicrobial). It provides the skin with energy, hydration, and vitality. Our favorite product for versatility is our saphir concentrate facial oil which can be used on the face, body, neck, eye area, and hair. It can also be used as a spot treatment, under a cream, combined with our tonic, serum, or with a foundation for a glow.   


Do you believe a great skincare routine changes your mindset?

Absolutely, when your skin looks great it gives you confidence, inside and out helping you to feel refreshed and alive. 


Do you see your brand expanding with different products?

Yes, we are expanding into body products and a new brightening serum.   


"Själ is Swedish for spirit, mind, heart, and soul. We chose that word as we wanted to focus on the connection between the mind and the body."


What inspired your brand’s name Själ Skincare?

Själ is Swedish for spirit, mind, heart, and soul. We chose the word for the meaning as we wanted to focus on the connection between the mind and the body.    


What role does social media play in your brand? 

We use social media to help communicate the story, ethos, and feel of the brand. I admit we don't go crazy with this but ultimately hope to do videos to help speak more directly to our customers.   


What are your morning rituals? 

Kristin: The first thing in the morning, I do a quick touch-up with saphir concentrate, bio regeneratif serum, or cream depending on my skin's needs. I get my son off to school. After that I have a coffee or tea, take a moment to pray/ meditate and then exercise either running or Pilates. I make sure to take supplements, especially immune boosters such as vitamin D, zinc, and C.  2-3 times a week I do a mask (either Själ's pearl enzyme or kashmir saphir) to help exfoliate and revitalize my skin.   


What has been your favorite part about building this business?

Kristin: I enjoy the creative side the most, the creation and development of products and the style and imagery.  I also love studying the science, the energy or frequency of products and also like to focus on the improvement of our products.    


What have been key learning experiences being a D2C business?

We are a privately owned family company. We put ourselves in the consumers' shoes from day one.  For us, it was about keeping our product line edited, simple, and streamlined. What we've learned is to sell the client what they need and offer flexibility. We provide solutional thinking.  Things can happen but there is always a way to solve a problem and provide the client with what they need. Lastly, be straightforward. No one is perfect but honesty and compassion can go a long way.          


Did you change anything about the business with the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic?

We tried to accept it as a challenge rather than a setback. Obviously, stores closed so it was a matter of working differently primarily as a D2C business. Additionally, with people at home it made it easier for us to communicate directly with our clients through phone and emails. Also, we are working on scheduled chat sessions and videos.    


Aside from Själ Skincare, what are you passionate about?

Kristin: Family first and foremost after that design and nature. I also love science, health, and spirituality. I feel as though it's easy to lose touch and human connection so I make a point to stay connected with people, to ground myself, and work to keep my heart chakra open.