Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
May 13, 2021 01:40 PM

You are a true lifestyle brand including fashion, home, and now your ever-expanding beauty collection. Tell us about the process of developing RG Cosmetics?

We don't have a full makeup line just yet, but we do cover lips, eyes, and nails.  We work with our cosmetic chemist and request the highest quality ingredients, a range of colors and products that work and are long lasting and never tested on animals.


How do you go about deciding on shades and color palettes for your lip and nail line? Is it tied to fashion?  

We try to pick color palettes that work on an array of skin tones for blending and contrast. We also support edgy colors like black lipsticks and bright red nail polish! We use some of the same color schemes in our nail and lip colors that match our clothing and shoe lines.


You've recently expanded into eye palettes and pencils, what's the key to creating the perfectly executed eye?  

We started with what we call, the 1-2-3 or light, medium and dark. Light for highlights, medium for transition and dark for contouring. You can add a pop of color too. Our pencils will frame and fill in your eyebrows so they look their best.


Do you see your beauty brand further expanding with different products? 

Yes, we'll add more colors for the eye shadows including shimmering ones too. We love mineral type makeup so watch for that future expansion.


"When you look good you feel good."


What was your career journey that took you to launch Rossario George?  

Your experience has been in marketing and when you think of Rossario George, we are a lifestyle brand that includes home accessories, women's clothing, shoes, boots and RG Cosmetics. I am an artist first and love to paint. I've been an entrepreneur for more than ten years. Two years ago, I launched Rossario George.    


Do you believe well applied makeup changes your mindset? 

Yes, when you look good you feel good. Practice makes perfect and you can get some great tips from professionals. We always use licensed make-up artists when doing fashion shows and photo shoots. They provide us with tips and trends so we are always current.


What has been your favorite part about building this business? 

The people I’ve connected with! Plus, I learn something every day and share that knowledge with people that are interested.


What role does social media play in your brand? 

That's part of the marketing in me and I think it plays a huge part. I'm not selling widgets, I'm building relationships and social media keeps me connected to my clients, friends and family.


"We hope to fill the needs of all women, and even some men, which is why we offer a variety of sizes and colors." 


What's your morning ritual? 

Rise and shine with my partner and our dogs for a brisk walk while sipping a coffee. We watch the first fifteen minutes of the morning news together and check my calendar and emails. I get ready to work from my home office checking all social platforms and pull product that needs shipped out.


What's your personal skincare routine? 

I use a facial soap twice a day, morning and night, and do a variety of scrubs, masks, anti-aging serum and moisturizing creams.  I also drink a lot of water throughout the day.  


What do you recommend is a must from Rossario George in a women's beauty bag? 

Your favorite color lipstick, clear lip gloss, lip and eyebrow pencils and eye shadow. Our mineral makeup will be a great addition with a fabulous application brush.


Who is the Rossario George brand for? Tell us about the women that inspire you.  

We hope to fill the needs of all women, and even some men, which is why we offer a variety of sizes and colors. If you frequent our site, you're bound to find something that you'll have to have!


"Family, my dogs, animal welfare, civil and human rights, art, cooking, and, of course, fashion!"


What are you most proud of about your brand? 

That it continues to grow, that our clients keep asking for more and that one day we can build out a full cosmetic line.


What have been key learning experiences being a D2C business? 

It allows us to build our brand directly with our customers and allows them a path to provide us with feedback. We also use our analytics information for popular trends but data alone doesn’t provide a complete picture. We plan to expand our wholesale business with cosmetic sales representatives in the near future.


Have you needed to pivot or make changes to your business in the past year?

Not really, we started as an online business and continue to be that however we also now sell our clothing and shoes in brick-and-mortar stores at a time when stores have struggled to stay open. That's been our biggest challenge, but Rome wasn't built in a day and next year looks very promising for retail.


Aside from beauty, what are you passionate about?  

Family, my dogs, animal welfare, civil and human rights, art, cooking, and, of course, fashion!