Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Nov 15, 2022 03:35 PM

BeautyTalks with Jay Ablah, CEO of Raybae


What inspired the creation of Raybae?

Raybae was inspired by the idea that we wanted women to embrace their natural beauty. Our goal as a company is to provide our customers naturally beautiful skin that gives them the confidence to enjoy their daily lives without feeling the need to always wear makeup.


“Our goal as a company is to provide our customers naturally beautiful skin that gives them the confidence to enjoy their daily lives without feeling the need to always wear makeup.”


What makes Raybae’s wrinkle serum a “miracle in a bottle”?

That’s simple, Raybae’s Age Defying Wrinkle Serum was designed with a 2-fold mission. First to provide immediate results you could see in the mirror. When you use our wrinkle serum you should see diminished fine lines immediately.

Secondly, we wanted ingredients that would have lasting effects and that with continued use would reduce the long-term effects of aging. If you use the serum daily, you should see your skins fine lines and wrinkles diminish substantially over time. 


How did you come up with the name Raybae?

Raybae is derived from to words and two very important ideas. We wanted a name that defined the importance of our customers.

Ray is the light that shines on the people most important in our lives.

Bae, is a term used to express someone important to you. Our customers are our Bae’s


How important is being eco-friendly to Raybae?

Being eco-friendly is truly one of our top priorities. It is probably discussed in every meeting we have.

Being eco-friendly is more than just packaging and recycling. You have to look at every process from the ingredients you use to the manufacturing process and even the types of materials used in packaging. The most important part is for the customer to know that getting it to the recycling bin is the final step that completes the effort. That’s why we talk about it so much.  


“Being eco-friendly is truly one of our top priorities. It is probably discussed in every meeting we have.”


What are the benefits of using Raybae products?

First and foremost is better and healthier skin. That’s the ultimate goal.

Raybae products are designed with two major attributes in mind. Simple and Sustainable.

Simple for Raybae is defined as keeping your skincare routine down to less than 3 minutes every morning and evening. Taking care of your skin should never be seen as a task. It should be easy and quick. Having beautiful skin is more about the process of doing it daily and if it takes a lot of time or is too difficult you won’t do it regularly.

Sustainable means two things to Raybae. Using sustainable ingredients is important. Equally important is that by keeping your skincare routine simple, Using the products on a daily basis becomes sustainable and therefor you make it as much a part of your morning and evening routine as brushing your teeth.


What are Raybae’s hero ingredients?

Wow, so many. Keeping it simple though would be to say that we really strive to bring natural based formulations to each of our products. As example, our seaweed and algae ingredients in the Deep Water Day and Night Creams is a very special formulation. Our collagen in our Overnight Collage Mask gets raving reviews and is our #1 product. The use of peptides and vitamins is not just because they are buzz words in the marketplace but we actually test the end results of their use and make sure they play an active roll in providing a better formulation and better results in each product.


The packaging is gorgeous! Tell us more about it.

Simple and Sophisticated, when we designed Raybae’s packaging we set out to keep it simple, elegant, and we wanted it to have that sophisticated look and feel. For those who haven’t experienced our products yet, the journey begins with our packaging. The look, the feel, and the special surprise on the inside. Printing on the inside was the brainstorm of one of our interns and we get more comments on how beautiful the inside is then we get on the outside appearance. 


Run us through your morning routine! 

Keep in mind that all of Raybae’s skincare routines are designed around a three-minute process.

You begin with our Refreshing Rosehip Cleanser. Hopefully you are using it to wash off our Overnight Collagen Mask that you applied before bed. Once you have washed your face and dried it gently you apply the Age Defying wrinkle Serum. This can be applied to the whole face and neck areas. Then you apply the Skin Brightening C Serum to get that beautiful glow. Last you put on the Deep-Water Day Cream. This will seal in your own natural moisture while protecting your face from whatever environmental stressors the day throws your way. Raybae’s Day cream is also designed to be perfect protective layer under your makeup.


How has Raybae evolved throughout the years?

Raybae’s evolution is still happening. Every day we find ways to better our products and the customers experience. In the early development we focused on the products. We wanted our promise of younger healthier skin to be something we could back up and state honestly. Once that goal was achieved, we then trained our focus on our customer. What their needs are and how we can make taking care of your skin easy. Hence the idea of Simple and Sustainable. Our customers are the most important part of Raybae. We listen every day and use their feedback to guide our next steps.


What are your top 3 go-to Raybae products?

That’s easy, First and the product everybody raves about is the Overnight Collagen Mask. It quite literally stands on its own and no one else has it. The experience and results it provides when it comes to smother softer skin are unmatched. It also has been shown to work miracles on a multitude of skin conditions including hormonal acne and other irritations.

The Age defying Wrinkle Serum is a close second. Many of our customers swear by it and feel they can see reduced fine lines and wrinkles in just minutes. With continued use the long-term gain is materially reduced wrinkles and even frown lines and forehead lines.

The third and probably the most unsung hero is the Rejuvenating Retinal Serum. If you know anything about retinal, many consider it the elixir of youth. Retinal, (Vitamin A) actually stimulates your own collagen growth. That means your skin will be more supple and healthier in the most natural way. With continued use It can quite literally make you look 10 years younger.   


What does the future look like for Raybae?

Raybae is destined to grow. Our customers love the products. It shows in our 77% return customer rate within 60 days of their first purchase. Raybae is dedicated to continued development of skin care solutions that are Simple Sophisticated and sustainable. Our next step is to introduce an under-eye treatment that will provide a true solution to those dark circles.

We have also been looking at a line of body lotions with collagen and other ingredients to make your entire body feel and look as health as what you experience with our face products.  

We want our customers to feel that taking care of their skin isn’t a chore but instead a moment for themselves and we want them to look in the mirror with a smile when they see the end result of what Raybae’s products are doing for them.


“Raybae is dedicated to continued development of skin care solutions that are Simple Sophisticated and sustainable.”


Besides Raybae, what are you passionate about?

Well, I have a lot of passions. First is my family. I have 5 wonderful kids and helping them find their passions ultimately become mine.

Secondly, would be my photography. It is my artistic outlet. Having grown up with parents who had a great appreciation for art I developed an admiration for some of the greatest artist in history. I would love to think someday I might have a piece worthy of being seen by millions and maybe even hang in a gallery.

I also have a passion for the great outdoors. I love to hike and love being in nature. Today, by design most of my photography is shot outdoors in natural light. That allows me to enjoy two of my passions at the same time.