Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 20, 2023 09:43 PM

BeautyTalks with Jovana Antic and Daniela Stankovic, Co-Founders and Directors of Koozmetik


What inspired the creation of Koozmetik? How did you come up with the name?

Two things: One is our love for everything natural, the idea of cherishing and respecting nature. This is something what we were taught from our childhood for generations. The other is a common saying when starting your own business: “Make something that you need”. To us, it was the lack of good quality natural cosmetic products in the Serbian market.

As far as the name is concerned, we struggled to come up with the name and then said that our idea is to be simple, so the simplest solution is to have a kind of generic name in the Serbian language. The twist was a double OO which derived from the name of some other project-community of creatives involved in this as well.


How did an economist and an architect find themselves producing natural cosmetics?

It was a bit unexpected, even for us😊

We are cousins, although we met for the first time when we were already grown up, finished universities, and were successful in our careers. We lived abroad for years and realized that back in Serbia we lacked lots of products that we couldn’t find to buy, amongst them, good quality natural cosmetics. And somehow, we realized that the solution to the problem is to make it on our own. It just happened one day while speaking about this, we said: “OK, let’s do it!”

We have our differences, but what we have in common is that we are both very curious and creative, and we find pleasure in everything that is beautiful.

Our different professional background came in the spotlight, because we had complementary skills necessary to create our products and consequently the whole brand and company as they are now. We were experienced in managing big projects and this was somehow exactly like that. This was probably even an advantage, since we were thinking outside of the box, not being exactly from this business.

Of course, at the very beginning we explored the topic of natural cosmetics from all sides. We traveled and read a lot about it, took classes and cooperated with various experts in this field. Although we wouldn’t be the ones that actually make the products, we wanted to know how to do it by ourselves in order to set and supervise the whole business. It lasted few years and was really hard, but also inspiring and we really enjoyed the whole process.


How important is being sustainable to Koozmetik?

We always pay attention to being sustainable in all aspects. Sustainability first starts with the idea of the business, then with our products and the way we produce. We are sustainable in choosing reusable materials for packaging and using more recycled materials for printing. It’s very important that we are being sustainable in everyday business operations. As-well as not to spending more than we earn, investing in quality and in right people and education.


“We always pay attention to being sustainable in all aspects. Sustainability first starts with the idea of the business, then with our products and the way we produce.”


How has being based in Serbia affected Koozmetik?

Going back to our beginning, Serbia was a closed market for natural cosmetics and handmade cosmetics. There were a few imported brands, and low awareness of the benefits of natural cosmetics. Since it is a small and not overcrowded market, our potential was very challenging. The good side of a small market is fast to market actions and responses. In the first years, we made a success and our brand got so many love mark awards. We find some obstacles in logistics for international sale, since Serbia is out of EU and different logistic rates are applied to export of our products.


What are the benefits of using Koozmetik products?

The main benefits are the natural origin of our products and the carefully balanced formulations to achieve the most positive results. Each of our products hold a special story to tell. Making by hand, we pay attention to each product giving it that extra care that final consumer feels. It is something you cannot see; it is connected with emotions. Also, we tend to pack everything very nice, and perceive each product as an object of beauty.


“The main benefits are the natural origin of our products and the carefully balanced formulations to achieve the most positive results.”


What are Koozmetik’s hero ingredients?

Our hero ingredients come from combinations of powerful herbal infusions. The hero ingredient is love that comes from a combination of essential oils.


Can you share a skincare secret with us?

We use only natural products.

You must clean the skin thoroughly every night and try to use homemade face masks made of natural ingredients once a week.

Peeling is very important in regenerating your skin.

Both of us do not use too much make up. We prefer a natural look.


What has been your most memorable moment with Koozmetik?

Maybe our first public appearance at the International Cosmetics Fair in Belgrade. We were fresh and different from any other brand exhibiting at that moment…our products, philosophy of the brand, appearance, exhibition stand…We were so tired since we were preparing it until late the night before and didn’t have great expectations, but the reactions were fantastic. It was like the customers, audience, press, influencers felt the energy behind it and intuitively recognized the values we had.


Run us through your morning routine!

Daniela: I always drink herbal tea first thing in the morning. Then a short 10-15 min yoga session and after that, a walk with my dog and buying some groceries at the open green market just next to my home. A cheerful atmosphere in the market, fresh food, flowers… gives me the morning boost of energy. Never leaving home without breakfast!

Jovana: Waking up early. Drinking tea and eating fruits and oatmeal. Playing with my kids to consume a necessary dose of love. Taking them to school and then starting the work day.


How has Koozmetik evolved throughout the years?

As we planned, keeping the same quality of products and make business steady and smart. Our focus was to retain the main consumers and reach the new ones. We keep our portfolio stable, adding new products very carefully. Our main principles are to put more love every day into what we do. Enjoying every process and every new customer experience. To care about our team.


What are your top 3 go-to Koozmetik products?

Our top 3 products are tooth drops, silver water deodorant and universal salve.


What’s next for Koozmetik?

Going global


Besides Koozmetik, what are you passionate about?

Daniela: Reading, films and visual arts. Architecture is my first love and it is a way of living and observing anything in life. I feel strong about animal protection and adore dogs. In my free time, I love practicing yoga.

Jovana: I am passionate about the development of the business from an idea to the whole factory. Also, I’m very passionate to learn new things every day and to be sometimes out of comfort zone, to think out of the box and solve the challenges.