Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 20, 2023 09:54 PM

BeautyTalks with April Meraz, House of M Beauty Digital Marketing Director


Tell us about the Founder of House of M Beauty, and how it all came to be!

Our Founder and CEO, Anne Oliver, created House of M Beauty after coming across the miracle ingredient saffron as she struggled to find a natural remedy for her postpartum depression. After vetting through the different qualities of saffron, her journey only truly began once she sourced the highest quality of this spice — super negin. Surprised by her newly clear and glowing skin from this ritual, Anne sought to bring the incredible benefits of saffron into the skincare market. 


Could you tell us about the many benefits of Saffron?

The benefits of saffron come from using the highest quality of this spice. This super antioxidant-rich spice can bring an array of benefits including brightening of the complexion, soothing inflammation and fighting free radicals. A quick breakdown of just a few of the benefits found in our saffron skincare:

  • High in antioxidants to help protect skin cells against free radicals
  • High in anti-inflammatory properties that help calm redness, acne, inflammation
  • High in antibacterial properties, which helps reduce bacteria in pores that leads to acne 
  • High in vitamin C, helps to brighten complexion
  • High in Vitamin A, helps with cell turnover process 


“Our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients in order to respect and nourish the skin.”


How are House of M Beauty products multi-purpose?

Our skincare was created by a busy mom with a mission to create skincare that makes achieving a glowing complexion attainable, even with a busy lifestyle. Each ingredient in our skincare serves a purpose and benefit. Our Saffron Miracle Serum soothes, nourishes and evens skin tone, while fighting signs of aging. Leaving skin supple and moisturized while it works its magic.  

Saffron Miracle Serum brightens, replaces anti-aging skincare, has calming and soothing products and balances out your sebum oil production.


Are House of M Beauty products a good fit for all skin types?

Yes. House of M Beauty was created with sensitive skin in mind. Our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients in order to respect and nourish the skin.


What’s next for House of M Beauty?

This year we are focused on entering large retailers in the US.


What is the inspiration behind the name, House of M Beauty?

The “M” in House of M Beauty stands for miracles, relating to the journey our Founder, Anne, an immigrant from Vietnam, faced in her pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, ultimately leading to her creation of saffron skincare.


How does House of M Beauty source their ingredients?

We work directly with raw material suppliers and also work closely with our manufacturer in France for the saffron extraction process.


“The few free moments we have, we like to take advantage of the essentials in our skincare routine.”


How long does it take to see results after using House of M Beauty products?

Our products are 100% plant-based. The process is not instant, as it focuses on the integrity of the skin to deliver results without damaging the skin. Results can be seen as soon as 2-4 weeks of use.


Run us through your morning routine!

Every morning starts with a morning cleanse followed by serum, sunscreen and makeup.


How has House of M Beauty evolved throughout the years?

Our first year focused on perfecting the formula, perfecting the packaging and branding, and listening to customer feedback to improve products. Since then we have been able to scale quite a bit, placing larger orders, as well as increasing distribution.


How do you like to spend your free time?

Self-care! The few free moments we have, we like to take advantage of the essentials in our skincare routine. Focusing on enjoying the application of serum and gently massaging the face — it makes all the difference! Relaxed, glowing and ready for the day!