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By: GlossWire
Dec 28, 2023 08:22 PM

BeautyTalks with Cecilia Marsiglia, Founder of Garighe Cosmetics


How did Garighe Cosmetics come to be? 

The Garighe Cosmetics brand was born from the search for high quality raw materials and the desire to make a dream come true: to create an EcoFriendly and CrueltyFree cosmetics brand with a minimalist and elegant design.

The Garighe Cosmetics brand was born from the search for high quality raw materials and the desire to make a dream come true."


What is the meaning behind the name of your brand?
The name Garighe derives from the word Gariga the typical vegetation of the areas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea like the one where I was born and alive. The name is a tribute to my land and the nature that I have learned to love since childhood.

What is the brand's philosophy?
The brand's philosophy is: to support clean and conscious beauty. To offer natural products consisting of highly selected ingredients; make a cured ecoluxury experience live in every detail; give a unique experience of the senses through daily wellness rituals that nourish the skin and soul by increasing its positive sensations; use cosmetics as an integral part of a lifestyle marked by body well-being & mind intended as self-care.


Tell us more about Wellness Rituals
These are the daily moments in which we take care of ourselves, of the well-being of our body and therefore of our mind "Mens sana in corpore sano" - healthy mind in the healthy body - said Giovenale, using natural products with key ingredients that are true and own well-being treatments for the body, face, hands, feet.

What are the key ingredients of Garighe Cosmetics?
Our cosmetics are based on the use of natural ingredients known for their exceptional properties for the skin. Safe ingredients that have a long history of use such as shea butter the fruit of the tree of youth has always been used by African women for the beauty of skin and hair, the rose hip oil also called elixir of youth and the olive oil "the yellow gold" of the Mediterranean. These are natural ingredients rich in vitamins E F A, essential fatty acids, unsaponifiable, all active that give moisturizing, nutrients, anti aging properties. We use the Lift Oleoactif a natural multi lifting ingredient containing Spilantol, Omega 6 and the Coenzyme Q10. These selected and high quality ingredients are present in high concentrations in our cosmetics and work in synergy in order to obtain a natural, effective and safe cosmetic product. Let's let nature work! Other key ingredients used by us are aloe, coconut oil, lemon balm water, rose water, glycerin, bisabolol ... all this paying the utmost attention to the right balance between the pleasantness of the textures and fragrance.


Our cosmetics are based on the use of natural ingredients known for their exceptional properties for the skin."


Tell us more about Dr Cecilia Marsiglia Ceo & Founder of Garighe Cosmetics
I am a biologist, cosmetologist and Italian nutritionist, loved by the world around us and with whom I studied the laws of chemistry and microbiology. As a nutritionist, it’s my opinion that the care of oneself is realized with the correct diet by taking on the right foods that make us feel good. As a formalist cosmetologist, I believe that, the care of himself is realized with the awareness of what we spread on the skin and for the respect of ourselves and of future generations, the protection of the environment is necessary, avoiding the use of polluting and non-recyclable packaging and toxic substances. For this reason, the Garighe products are eco-friendly and formulated with real natural ingredients "food for the skin".


What are your personal favorites?

I love all my products, but if I had to choose I would say that those I can't do without are the face serum and face oil used together every day, the body mask that I use especially after the shower, the body oil I use a moment before dressing to hydrate my body every morning and on special occasions when I want to shine! But I use it even after making the skin brushing, dry massage with the brush that serves to activate circulation and the lymphatic system. Once a week I use Fizzy tablets to give me an extremely pleasant and relaxing pedicure. For the manicure, however, I use the nail mask that feeds the nails and softens the cuticles followed by the fantastic hand cream.

Besides Garighe Cosmetics, what are you passionate about?
My family is in first place in my life, I am immensely grateful to God for having it. I like to cook, take care of my plants and take long walks near the sea where I remain speechless in front of the beauty of the sunsets.


What are Garighe Cosmetics core values?
I can summarize them in two fundamental points:
First - respect for people by offering natural, effective and safe cosmetic products made according to European legislation.
Second - respect the environment that surrounds us by offering EcoFriendly, CrueltyFree, made in Italy products


Any new products to look out for?
We are working on interesting surprises. We will exhibit at the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in Italy in March 2024. It will be the second time for us. Keep an eye on us! I am sure you will like it.