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By: GlossWire
Jan 25, 2024 03:43 PM

BeautyTalks with Tracey To, Founder and CEO of Fleurissent Skincare

What inspired the creation of Fleurissent Skincare?

Never thought of creating a skincare brand. It came to me by destiny. My journey to Fleurissent is deeply personal and transformative. A few years ago, I faced a profound moment of losing my sense of self when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. This challenging period led me to embark on a quest for solace and healing in the enchanting fields of Provencal flowers in Grasse, in the South of France, where I discovered the therapeutic power of flowers for emotional well-being and skin loving properties as beauty secret. Inspired by this timeless wisdom and passion for flowers, I embarked on a mission to create Fleurissent, a skincare brand that harmonizes mental well-being and radiant skin through the sensorial and nourishing properties of rare, French native flowers. It’s a path born out of necessity, self-discovery and a commitment to share the transformative experience I found in the healing essence of flowers. Fleurissent, born from personal salvation, is now a source of hope for others. My products saved me, and together we can impact the well-being of others and transform lives, just like my own.


Why is it important for the human body to incorporate holistic healing?

Incorporating holistic healing into Fleurissent's product design and formulation is a core philosophy that aligns with the importance of holistic healing for the human body. Fleurissent understands that true well-being extends beyond the skin's surface, diving deeper into mental and emotional health. The fusion of rare French flowers, plant stem cell technology, and natural ingredients in Fleurissent's products is a testament to this commitment. By harnessing the wisdom of flowers and their therapeutic benefits, the formulations address not just external skin concerns but also contribute to emotional balance and a sense of calm, promoting inner harmony. The aromatic scents and sensorial textures of the products are crafted to uplift the spirit, fostering a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. In essence, Fleurissent's incorporation of holistic healing principles into its products aims to create a transformative skincare experience that goes beyond the physical, resonating with the interconnected nature of human health. The brand aspires to be a partner in one's holistic journey to radiant beauty and emotional well-being.


"The fusion of rare French flowers, plant stem cell technology, and natural ingredients in Fleurissent's products is a testament to this commitment."


What are some holistic approaches for sensitive skin?

For sensitive skin, adopting holistic approaches is crucial for overall well-being. Choosing skincare products that embrace natural and safe ingredients with formulations specifically designed for soothing and calming the skin and mind is paramount. This holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of mental and skin health, understanding that stress can exacerbate skin sensitivity. In the realm of holistic skincare, Fleurissent's Soothing Lavender Collection stands out as an exemplar. This line not only features natural and safe ingredients tailored for sensitive skin but also emphasizes a sensorial experience. The infusion of Lavender scent and flower extracts in the products provides an aromatic and therapeutic journey, promoting relaxation of both the mind and body. By combining these elements, Fleurissent's Soothing Lavender Collection becomes a holistic and nourishing solution for sensitive, irritated, and stressed skin. It goes beyond surface-level care, supporting emotional well-being, creating a comprehensive approach to skincare that nurtures both the skin and the soul.

In what ways is Fleurissent Skincare different from other skincare brands?

What sets Fleurissent apart is our unwavering commitment to a clear vision and mission. Beyond being a skincare brand, we’re on a mission to provide a holistic, aromatic, and sensorial experience through our French flower-based products — a healing savor for both skin and mind. Fleurissent Skincare stands apart from other skincare brands through its distinctive Fusion Floral Six formulation with 6 rare and precious French flowers for mind and skin. What sets us further apart is the sensorial and minimalistic approach. Our spa-level quality products offer a transformative journey for the senses, enveloping the skin with delicate floral aromas that inspire different moods. This personal experience of harmony contributes to a complete renewal of both the mind and skin. Fleurissent textures are sensorial and cater to diverse needs. Silky smooth and lightweight, our creams absorb effortlessly, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. Extensive research has gone into tailoring these textures for best suiting with various skin types, genders, ethnicities, climates, and seasons, meeting and exceeding expectations. Our nutrient-dense, highly-concentrated formulas simplify skincare to a 2-step process featuring home spa ritual with Face Mask and Face Cream. This approach not only ensures double nourishment but also grants you more time for yourself, reducing the stress of extensive skincare routines. Fleurissent Skincare is designed for your skin and life to bloom effortlessly.


What are some challenges you had to overcome with Fleurissent Skincare?

We lack the resources of finance and people to do marketing. Your support is truly meaningful to our brand, it helps us grow and bring more products to other people who need holistic well being for skin and soul and giving back to the community so together we can amplify the impact.


Run us through your morning routine!

Wash face with cold water

Put face cream

Inhale the scent and do mindfulness 5 minutes

Put on sunscreen. 

It is very minimal but sensorial and pampering to start a day with a clear mind and happy heart.

What is your go-to product from Fleurissent Skincare?

​The Revitalizing Radiance Rose Face Masks and Face Cream: your skin looks hydrated, revitalized radiant glow and smooth like flower petals in the first week of use. It contains the highest extraction of four different types of rose in all collections. The scent is captivating and irresistible even for the most scent sensitive people.


What are Fleurissent Skincare’s hero ingredients?

Fusion Floral 6 is our proprietary blend of 6 rare and high potent Fusion Florale 6*™ resulted from three years of research on 100 plants and flowers. The fusion includes Rose de mai (Grasse Rose, French Rose Gallica, White Rose Alba, Rose Demascena, Lavender and Peony).Our highly concentrated products harness the aroma-therapeutic and nourishing properties of the world’s most rare and potent flowers,hand harvested from renowned fields in Grasse, South of France to alleviate stress, uplift your mood and rejuvenate your skin inside and out for a healthier, happier and more beautiful you. The thousand years of flower wisdom-beauty secret and mental remedy in a jar Hundred- year tradition of French flower cultivation is in each application.


Besides Fleurissent Skincare, what are you passionate about?

Three things: Books, Flowers and Working with talented people. While reading helps me go back to myself and learn, flower beauty is always uplifting and inspiring joy and happiness. Working with talented people always gives me inspiration and excitement as I learn new things from people and become the better version of myself. I like hiking and swimming as well. It helps me feel refreshed and renewed.


How would you describe Fleurissent Skincare in three words?

Beautiful, Holistic, Luxurious