Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 20, 2023 10:08 PM

BeautyTalks with Ginger King, FanLoveBeauty President and CEO


How does FanLoveBeauty inspire confidence through beauty?

FanLoveBeauty is a give-back beauty brand that makes beauty products for those who inspire, educate or entertain society. Our first collection is the Stage Lip Balm for Speakers, created with Shark Tank’s Daymond John in mind. When you use this lip balm, you can feel empowered to speak like a shark as it is created for a shark.


Tell us the backstory behind FanLoveBeauty!

The concept of FanLoveBeauty came when I was with my celebrity crush, personal mentor and Shark Tank’s Shark, Daymond John. He took out a lip balm from his jean pocket and used in front of me. A thought came to mind — if it’s something that’s close to him, in his pocket, on his lips — it has to be mine, as I am an award-winning cosmetic chemist. I created the brand out of FanLove and I believe FanLove is the most passionate form of inspiration, as we only want to give our role models the very best.


"...we donate part of the proceeds to a suicide prevention foundation, as we believe people can have more contribution to the society if they can stay longer."


What makes FanLoveBeauty’s Stage Balm different from other lip balms?

If you take out any lip balms, I guarantee you that you will find either one or all of these three ingredients: Petrolatum, Lanolin or Beeswax. Petrolatum is good if it’s USP grade. Petrolatum is an occlusive, which means it does not moisturize on its own. Lanolin can moisturize but lanolin comes from wool grease and long term use can pose some allergic reactions to some people. Beeswax is natural, however you get beeswax from beehives where bees live. How do you like your house to be disturbed for human vanity? It’s not considered cruelty free, so I decided to make a vegan lip balm free of the undesirables. Instead, the lip balm is full of superfoods like flaxseed (containing omega 3 and 6 to help chapped lips), avocado (super nourishing), coconut (hydrating) and clinical levels of sea asparagus known to boost hydration by up to 6000%.

This lip balm was created for speakers or people who talk a lot because even for professional speakers, they can get stage fright. They also can get cotton mouth (excessive dry mouth) and are in need of hydration. Drinking more water sometimes can just send them to the bathroom, so this lip balm has become their secret weapon. There are countless occasions that people use the lip balm before their pitch competition, interviews and important negotiations — and have won. It surely empowers their confidence when they talk.


In what ways does FanLoveBeauty give back to the community?

FanLoveBeauty has two social missions. One is to save the bees, as bees are important to our ecosystem. This is why you will not see the use of beeswax in our products. Secondly, we donate part of the proceeds to a suicide prevention foundation, as we believe people can have more contribution to the society if they can stay longer. This is also why there is Mango Butter in the lip balm. Mango is known to elevate moods and it’s a symbolic ingredient to remind people to be happy. More importantly, lip balms are the only beauty products that can be ingested, so using a healthy one is paramount. This is why the lip balm is a life-saving balm, as it saves your health and others’ lives.


What inspired the name FanLoveBeauty?

The concept of the brand comes from FanLove. I believe FanLove is eternal. Before Daymond John, one of my long term favorites was a Hong Kong pop star, Leslie Cheung. He committed suicide in 2004. It’s been 18 years and his facebook page is still filled with photos and fans that comment daily. Some people even became a fan after he passed. He was like Elvis. This is why I believe FanLove is passionate. FanLove is obsessive. FanLove if forever. I also encourage people to co-develop beauty products with me if they are a fan of a certain group or person who inspire, educate or entertain society.


"We believe in giving consumers the best and most sustainable products with carefully selected ingredients."


Tell us about FanLoveBeauty’s Limited Edition Lip & Hand Care Kit!

It’s a limited edition because the official launch of the hand care treatment will be launched in September of 2022. I have it in the kit for Mother’s Day only as a preview. Moms also inspire, educate and entertain us, don’t you think? So moms fit in the category.


Run us through your morning routine!

My morning starts the night before, so when I get up I know exactly what to do as my calendars are in 15 minutes blocks to get the most out of the morning. I spend an incredible amount of time in business training and Zoom calls. I also carve out times for research and development as well as doing formulation work. I tend to do formulas at night, as I have the least amount of interruptions.


How involved is FanLoveBeauty in sustainability?

We believe in giving consumers the best and most sustainable products with carefully selected ingredients. When it comes to packaging, we choose packaging that can be recycled. One thing we will never do is compromise our products to fit a certain criteria.


What do you think is the most prominent concern in the beauty industry?

Beauty hacks on TikTok are only good for entertainment value, but do not follow any of their advice unless they are chemists. There are regulations on what can be used in certain areas. For example, some pigments can not be used near the eye area and some can not be used on lips due to potential allergic reactions. Always use products as directed by the brand.


What’s next for FanLoveBeauty?

Our next launch will be a hand treatment. It is not exactly a hand cream, but a hand veil rather. This formula has been tested by several beauty editors with a thumbs up. It’s been previewed in the limited edition Lip and Hand kit. You will see more press coming when we are ready.


What has been your most memorable moment with FanLoveBeauty?

Wow, there are many indeed but of course since this is an interview with GlossWire, it has to be winning third place at the pitch competition.


Besides FanLoveBeauty, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about beauty and entrepreneurship. I help other people build their beauty brands from concept to launch, including formulation as well. I have beauty in my blood. My family often jokes that, “if it’s not cosmetics, she’s not interested.”