Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Apr 12, 2023 04:07 PM

BeautyTalks with Sheila Malmanis, President of DermaMD Skincare 


How did Derma MD Skincare come to be?

Being a licensed aesthetician and former nurse, I knew I just needed to find my own chemists who would work directly with my ideas and my knowledge of ingredients to formulate the DermaMD® brand. It was my passion to introduce a line that would be both professional and consumer based. Having worked with another manufacturer, I saw that too many products produced had very little changes in the original formula other than a few added ingredients to give it a new name and somewhat new purpose. It was my desire to develop a skincare line that each product we developed should have a specific purpose and infused with the correct type of ingredients such as Acne, Rosacea and Pigmentation. Reverse aging process entails infusing the product with multiple peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. We do not believe in using “FILLERS” which usually have no benefits for the skin, Derma MD incorporates ingredients in each product to provide beneficial property for the skin Derma MD sold for its first 10 years in business to ONLY the professional market, but I then questioned myself as to why Derma MD® sold to the professional market should not be sold to the everyday consumer? Eliminating of course certain levels of peels and acids at a higher level of percentage that only a professional can offer. The woman of today is very well educated on ingredients and not all women can afford to go to a spa or physician office to purchase these types of products, so now they are able to choose a brand such as DERMA MD, that is also sold to the professional market and can expect and will see the results.


What inspired the name Derma MD Skincare? 

Our Brand is developed and formulated with proven clinical ingredients that are used in the professional market for both physicians and aestheticians. They can be used for both pre and post treatments, as well as continued homecare. Therefore we felt that customers could relate to the name with the MD behind it knowing that they would be purchasing NOT just a beauty product, but purchasing professional products that actually make structural changes within the skin beneath the epidermis.


“Our Brand is developed and formulated with proven clinical ingredients that are used in the professional market for both physicians and aestheticians.”


What are Derma MD Skincare’s core values? 

Honesty, Integrity, Good Customer Service and Guarantee true results. 

NO ANIMAL TESTING, NO PARABENS, NON-COMEDOGENIC INGREDIENTS, MADE IN USA, NATURAL BASED AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS! We are always looking to incorporate new and cutting edge ingredients to provide our customers assurance that when they purchase Derma MD®, we will stand behind our products.


Tell us more about Chebula! 

Chebula is my newest line of Derma MD® …Its primary focus is strictly focusing on pigmentation issues of all skin tones, safely and naturally, all in one line .Chebula has four key products. Chebula Tranexamic Acid Pigmentation Serum to quickly address melasma, pigmentation, lightening, Chebula Skin Renew Antioxidant Serum to hydrate, reduce lines, wrinkles, firm, tone, and improve texture, Chebula Overnight Sleep Mask that contains 28% collagen peptides for pigmentation, firmness, hydration and will slow down the aging process as you sleep. The fourth product is our Chebula Sun Protect SPF 30 Moisturizer, to further protect from sun exposure with 25% Zinc Oxide as it moisturizes skin. Lightweight, leaves no opaque color even on darker skin tones. As an aesthetician myself and having had Melasma in my 30’s, I realized that the market needed more than just our Vitamin C, Lightening Agents, or Kojic but new ingredients such as Tranexamic Acid that works like Hydroquinone but WITHOUT side effects, and works safely with many other ingredients to provide more “PUNCH” so to speak. I knew that the markets such as the Latino, Hispanic, Middle East and Asian market have even more issues with melasma and pigmentation than the Caucasian woman, due to their nationality. I wanted to address all skin tones, not just one skin type and the Chebula line has accomplished this.


“I wanted to address all skin tones, not just one skin type and the Chebula line has accomplished this.”


What are Derma MD Skincare’s key ingredients? 

“Terminalia Chebula”, Tranexamic Acid, Azeglygic Optima Extract, Glutathione, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbic Acid (Stable Vitamin C), Astaxanthin, Probiotics, Copper Matrixyl 3000, Retinoids.


Run us through your morning routine! 

If I have to keep it simple I Cleanse With Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Cleanser which also gently exfoliates, Hydrate with Chebula Skin Renew Antioxidant Serum, Pink Silk Face Firming Moisturizer with Astaxanthin that hydrates, moisturizes and protect from free radical damage, Pink Silk firming eye gel for firmness, lines, puffiness, and Sun Protect SPF 30 moisturize as my morning moisturizer and sunblock.


How has Derma MD Skincare evolved throughout the years? 

Adding more recyclable packaging, incorporating new and natural/organic based ingredients with our peptides to further accelerate performance and I feel our new packaging is not only naturally beautiful, but clean and elegant and in Chebula is glass , is recyclable, and is very upscale in its appearance when sitting on the vanity.


What are your 3 go-to DermaMD Skincare products?

If keeping it to what I feel is a MUST for everyone including me, is Pink Silk Face Firming Moisturizer, Chebula Skin Renew Antioxidant Serum and Chebula Sun Protect SPF 30 Moisturizer.


What is your most memorable moment with Derma MD Skincare? 

When the recession hit, I thought I would have to shut down like many others. DermaMD I started in 2001, so in 2008, it was my baby so to speak. To actually lose it after all my hard work was heartbreaking to me and so I decided I had to find a financial way to keep it alive and I did. Can I say it was easy to almost go under…,NO, but if you want to persevere you have to believe in yourself and your DREAM.


What’s next for Derma MD Skincare? 

Our new CUCH line for INTIMATE Skincare that addresses body for pigmentation issues, lightens dark areas such as found with underarms, slow down formation of ingrown hairs, etc. This line was developed to work for hair laser removal, bikini waxing, brazilian waxing, vajacials, and regular home care. We still have some glitches to work on with packaging we are finding, but once we get thru it all, CUCH will be a name brand we hope.


Besides Derma MD Skincare, what are you passionate about? 

I love to travel, I totally am in love with PickleBall, I very much enjoy spending time with my husband and my grandkids. My other passion is to help my oldest granddaughter who works with me to continue to grow in business and successfully run her own company one day.