Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Nov 28, 2023 03:53 PM

BeautyTalks with Edwin Borquez Pierrot, Founder of Curl Daddy


What was the inspiration behind launching Curl Daddy?

Curl Daddy was inspired by the journey back to you and the path that an individual needs to embark on to love their hair but most importantly love themselves as 60% of what you apply to your body is absorbed into your body. The name of each product represents a step in that journey. 


“Curl Daddy was inspired by the journey back to you and the path that an individual needs to embark on to love their hair but most importantly love themselves as 60% of what you apply to your body is absorbed into your body.”


Tell us about the ‘behind the scenes’ of Curl Daddy?

 We have many behind the scene moments as we shoot our content and imagery in-house. One of the most amazing moments was when we started shooting dancers from a company called, The Diverse Effect. Most of the dancers are very young and had no idea of the basics required to take care of their hair. As a brand, our mission is to educate, transform and inspire.  Once they were done with getting their hair styled, pictures taken and absorbing information given not only about hair but about what they can do to elevate themselves in life. Those are the behind the scene moments we cherish and keep us pushing forward every day. The dancers all left feeling empowered. This is what we want our customers to feel when using our products in their daily hair care routine. 


How did you come up with the name “Curl Daddy”?

It's a long story because it came from a number of moments that happened in my journey. I had a few friends that used to call me Daddy and I really did not like it. I remember telling my hair stylist about the brand and we started going back and forth with names. I wanted something people will remember. What confirmed the name was when I was working in the attic of my house and hair was crazy, beard was insane, and it was crazy hot. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my first gray hair and had a whole home alone moment. I was like OMG, I am turning into a CURL DADDY! I was like CURL DADDY it is. Finally,  the reactions of the people I asked about the name were priceless which really put a stamp on it. 


What inspired you to get into the hair care industry?

There was a moment in my journey where nothing was working for my hair and I was not able to relate to any of the brands that were in the market. All I wanted was multifunctional, plant-based products, free of harsh chemicals that were not too light or too heavy for my curly textured hair. In addition, I did not see any individuals in the beauty/haircare industry that looked like me or represented the beauty of texture. I saw this nationally but also internationally and I felt it was part of the purpose to showcase that in the best possible way tied with a message that helped me in my journey and will hopefully help others that had crazy dope hair vibes like myself. 


In what ways has being a model with curly hair influenced your experience?

My journey in the modeling industry propelled me to go deeper into understanding my unique hair texture and discover versatile styling techniques to achieve my desired looks. Having the opportunity to work with top hair care brands provided me with first hand exposure to the expansive landscape of the haircare industry, ultimately serving as an inspiration to embark on the journey of founding my own brand.

Since Curl Daddy’s launch in 2020, during the pandemic, what insights or lessons have you gained?

We launched February 2020 and in March was the major pandemic lockdown. I honestly did not want to be the face of the brand but it was the only option to keep the brand going and increase brand awareness. One of the lessons I learned was to always see adversity as a door that will teach you a new part of yourself and keep your goals going. A shift is sometimes necessary and that is exactly what happened to Curl Daddy during the pandemic.Once that happened, we got nominated as a Rising Star by Fashion Group International in New York City for the Beauty Entrepreneur Category and also made it to the top 10 brands in the Workshop at Macy’s. 


Curl Daddy is a Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, and Cruelty Free brand. Why is this important to you?

In my earlier years, I unknowingly incorporated numerous products made with harsh chemicals into my routine. The realization of this fact came much later in life. This revelation became a priority for our brand, driven by the desire to provide our clients and community with the option to embrace plant-based products completely free from harsh chemicals. Recognizing that the skin, our body's second-largest organ, absorbs everything. We are committed to delivering a range of products that align with our brand message: Love your hair, but, above all, love yourself.


“We are committed to delivering a range of products that align with our brand message: Love your hair, but, above all, love yourself.”


Do you recommend Air Drying or Diffusing Curly hair?

We recommend both depending on the situation. Air Drying is the healthiest to dry your hair but diffusing is great if you apply products with thermal protection like our clean me up shampoo, hold me cream gel and glow me up oil spray. They all have thermal protection just in case you don't have time to air dry and need the diffuser/dryer. 


Describe your brand in 3 words!

Very hard question there! I would say: Inspirational, Transformative, and  Chic 


What are some milestone moments for Curl Daddy?

We had a few moments which I mentioned previously but we were super excited when one of our products was featured in INSTYLE Magazine as one of the top products for curly hair. We also love the moments when we get messages/emails from the curly crew thanking us for the product line and how it helped them in their hair journey. 


What is next for Curl Daddy? 

We want to take over the haircare and beauty space nationally and internationally. Well that is the long term goal but right now we are taking it one step at a time. We are excited to expand our haircare collection, introducing a range of new products made specifically for our curly community. Our clients openly share their needs, and we’ve been attuned to their requests. It's our commitment to provide what they seek on their curl journey. 


Besides Curl Daddy, what are you passionate about?

Capturing moments with my camera  which allows me to create magic in a totally different way. The joy  lies in revealing the  beauty of a soul through imagery  and witnessing the remarkable journey of transformation. For me, this experience is truly invaluable and is something I am really passionate about. 


Run us through a day in your life!

The day starts early with a focus on self-care. I begin with a refreshing morning routine, including  a quick workout to get energized for the day. After I dive into strategic planning. This involves reviewing sales data, assessing customer feedback, and collaborating with my brand manager at currently global.  This is when we brainstorm new campaigns, content ideas, and develop fresh ideas for promoting Curl Daddy's vegan and chemical-free products. We value our online community so I spend time engaging with followers and going live on social media platforms. I strongly agree that this personal touch helps strengthen the brand’s connection with our audience. Hands-on involvement is crucial so I am 100% involved in the product development process. Right now we are doing  product testing sessions, ensuring that each formulation aligns with Curl Daddy's commitment to quality, effectiveness, and safety. This involvement reflects the brand's dedication to delivering excellence. I personally can keep working all day which is not healthy so I've been practicing when to completely disconnect, celebrate each success, and wind down to prepare for the next day. I would say that a day in my life reflects a blend of business strategy , creative vision, bookings from my modeling agency and a commitment to promoting healthy and dope curls.