Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Apr 03, 2024 05:38 PM

BeautyTalks with Ebru Karpuzoglu, Founder and CEO of AveSeena


What was the inspiration behind launching your product/brand?

The inspiration behind launching AveSeena stemmed from a personal journey and a professional realization by its founder, Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu. Witnessing firsthand the effects and signs of skin inflammaging and sensitivities, both in her personal battle with chronic acne and through her father's severe skin reactions during his cancer treatments, Dr. Ebru recognized a significant void in effective skin care solutions to address these challenges. Her extensive expertise in immunology and molecular medicine revealed the profound impact of inflammation and inflammaging on overall skin health and aging. Motivated by a desire to fill this gap, she leveraged her scientific background to develop products that not only address these concerns at their root but also promote skin and mental wellness through a clean, scientifically-supported approach. This blend of personal motivation and professional expertise fueled the creation of AveSeena, aiming to transform the skincare industry with products that are as effective as they are safe and nurturing.


“This blend of personal motivation and professional expertise fueled the creation of AveSeena, aiming to transform the skincare industry with products that are as effective as they are safe and nurturing.”


How does AveSeena differ from other industry brands in the same category? What gives you the competitive edge?

AveSeena, guided by Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, stands out in the skincare industry with its unique focus on inflammaging, a key factor in skin health. AveSeena focuses on skin inflammation and aging at their roots (inflammaging) and sensitivities, rather than just treating symptoms. With a foundation in immunology and molecular medicine, Dr. Ebru brings unparalleled expertise to skincare, crafting scientifically-supported, clean formulations. This approach gives AveSeena a competitive edge, focusing on long-term skin wellness and balance. Trusted globally, AveSeena combines science with nature to offer transformative skincare solutions.


“Trusted globally, AveSeena combines science with nature to offer transformative skincare solutions.”


What are AveSeena's brand values?

AveSeena merges science with nature, focusing on skincare that counters signs of inflammaging and supports overall wellness. Led by Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, it emphasizes scientific integrity and innovation in its products. The brand champions holistic wellness, sustainability, and clean beauty, using non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly practices. AveSeena is dedicated to educating consumers about the importance of skin health and the science behind their formulations.


Walk us through your development process — from ideation to the product we see on the shelf.

The development of an AveSeena product starts with identifying skin health challenges, rooted in Dr. Ebru's expertise in immunology and the science of inflammaging. This is followed by rigorous scientific research to pinpoint effective, clean ingredients that target these issues at their core. Next, AveSeena's team employs Dermoimmuno Beauty Technology to formulate products that harmonize with the skin's natural barriers and immune system. Each formulation undergoes extensive testing for safety, efficacy, and sensory experience, ensuring it meets AveSeena's high standards. Finally, the product is packaged in eco-friendly materials, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability, before making its way onto shelves for consumers.


What are AveSeena's hero ingredients?

Instead of using one hero ingredient we prefer to employ a team of hero ingredients. After All, the more heroes the better. AveSeena harnesses a potent blend of ingredients renowned for their effectiveness against skin aging and inflammation. For instance, Matrixyl, a powerful peptide complex, is at the forefront, known for its ability to stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Niacinamide, or Vitamin B3, plays a crucial role in strengthening the skin's barrier, reducing inflammation, and enhancing skin tone and texture. Peptide complexes further support skin rejuvenation, signaling the skin to repair itself and boosting elasticity and firmness. Anti-inflammatory botanicals, carefully selected for their natural soothing properties, help to calm irritation and reduce redness, promoting a balanced and healthy skin environment. Together, these hero ingredients form the core of AveSeena's formulations, targeting signs of inflammaging with scientific precision and natural efficacy.


Other than AveSeena, what is something you are passionate about?

I find great joy and fulfillment in spending quality time with my family. Our moments together, exploring nature or simply enjoying each other's company, rejuvenate me and inspire my work. My passion for science and wellness is something I share with them, teaching my daughter the importance of caring for their health and the environment and how science can be magical. This personal commitment to family and nature deeply influences my approach to skincare, driving me to create products that are not only effective but also safe for all ages and sustainable for the planet we all share.


What is one major lesson you learned about running a business?

One major lesson I've learned about running a business is the importance of adaptability. The journey of bringing scientifically-backed, clean skincare products to market is filled with challenges, from formulation hurdles to changing consumer demands and regulatory landscapes. Success in this dynamic environment requires the ability to pivot strategies, embrace new technologies, and continually listen to and learn from customer feedback. This adaptability, rooted in a solid understanding of both science and the market, enables a business to grow, evolve, and stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring that we meet our commitment to providing products that genuinely benefit the user's skin health and overall well-being.


What are some challenges you have overcome with your brand?

Establishing AveSeena involved overcoming the challenge of balancing scientific innovation with consumer needs, necessitating extensive research and education on inflammaging. Sourcing clean, sustainable ingredients that align with our high standards for efficacy and environmental responsibility required innovative formulation strategies. Overcoming these hurdles has reinforced our commitment to providing scientifically-backed, transformative skincare solutions, setting AveSeena apart in the competitive beauty and wellness market.


What would you say is your most effective marketing channel? Has it changed over time?

Digital platforms, especially social media, have become our most effective marketing channel, enabling direct engagement with our community and leveraging influencer partnerships for increased visibility. Over time, we've adapted to include more interactive content, like live Q&A sessions, to deepen our customer connections and enhance educational outreach.


Give us the backstory of AveSeena's name. 

The name "AveSeena" weaves together two profound elements: "Ave," derived from Latin, a term of salutation and respect, and "Seena," drawing inspiration from the philosophy of Rumi, symbolizing the wellness of the heart and the deep connection between inner well-being and outer beauty. This combination reflects our brand's commitment to not only salute the inherent beauty and resilience of the skin but also to embrace a holistic approach to skincare, where the health of the skin is in harmony with the wellness of the heart and mind. By infusing our products with this philosophy, AveSeena aims to nurture not just the physical aspects of skin health but also the emotional and spiritual well-being of our users, honoring the legacy of wisdom and wellness that has been passed down through generations.


What would you like to see for your company's future?

I envision AveSeena pioneering further in sustainable, science-backed skincare, expanding our range to more comprehensively address skin health while emphasizing eco-conscious practices. We aim to lead in harmonizing beauty, wellness, and environmental care, fostering an informed global community committed to healthy choices for themselves and the planet. Ultimately, AveSeena strives to set new industry standards, blending innovation with nature's wisdom to care deeply for our customers and the Earth.


What do you think is the most prominent concern in the beauty industry?  

A pressing concern in the beauty industry is the discernment of real, science-backed skincare efficacy from the pervasive influence of pseudo-scientific terms and experts, often propelled by market trends and rising hashtags on social media. There's a growing call for authenticity, real credible experts and evidence-based formulations amidst the noise of trending ingredients and fleeting beauty fads. Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and skeptical, seeking products that offer tangible benefits grounded in legitimate research, rather than those endorsed by unqualified influencers or based on anecdotal evidence. This shift underscores the importance of transparency, scientific integrity, and the need for brands to educate their audience about the real effects and benefits of their products, distinguishing genuine innovation from marketing hype.