Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Apr 06, 2023 02:18 PM

BeautyTalks with Daisy Danbi Kim, Founder of Athis-Seoul 


How did Athis Seoul come to be? 

A few years ago, insomnia plagued me every night despite being an adventurous and energetic person. I tried everything, but nothing worked until I stumbled upon an aroma therapy workshop that proved transformative. It was then that I realized my calling was to share the benefits of aromatherapy with others who suffer from insomnia. I believe that even a few minutes of relaxation before bedtime can make a significant difference in one's life. I and our team at Athis-seoul aspire to enrich people's lives with their products, which are not just selling products, but a way of life. We want people to feel energized and passionate about their daily routine, starting with a good night's sleep. 


What inspired the name Athis-Seoul? 

Athis is short for Aroma. Therapy. Healing. Idea. Solutions, a brand that has been pretty success in Korea and is now ready to take on the world. We are based in Seoul, Korea, a city that never stops innovating and where ancient traditions meet modern technology. Our products are inspired by the vibrancy and energy of this dynamic city, and we use only the highest quality essential oils and natural ingredients to create fragrances that promote relaxation and wellness. 

At Athis-Seoul, we believe that our products represent who we are. We are passionate about sharing the beauty and energy of Seoul with the world and believe that our brand is the perfect way to do it. So if you're looking to bring a piece of Seoul into your home and create a calming environment that promotes wellness, join us on this journey. We can't wait to share our passion for Aroma Therapy Healing Solutions with you. 


“We believe that our products represent who we are. We are passionate about sharing the beauty and energy of Seoul with the world and believe that our brand is the perfect way to do it.”


How important is being sustainable to Athis-Seoul? 

At Athis-Seoul, we believe that nature provides us with the inspiration and ingredients that are the foundation of our brand. It is our duty to acknowledge our dependence on the environment and minimize our impact on it. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical working practices guides our decisions as a company, ensuring that we grow in a way that is respectful to the planet that sustains us. 

Our ingredients are carefully sourced from nature and inspired by its beauty. We understand that natural ingredients not only benefit us but also have a positive impact on the environment. Unlike synthetic ingredients, natural ingredients do not require animal testing or complex and polluting production methods. 

As a responsible brand, we continuously seek ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We are proud to use packaging that is easy to recycle, and we encourage our customers to do the same. We believe that small actions can have a big impact, and that's why we are dedicated to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future. 


“We believe that small actions can have a big impact, and that's why we are dedicated to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future.”


Tell us more about the Founder of Athis-Seoul! 

Greetings, I am Daisy, the founder of Athis-Seoul. I have traversed a unique professional trajectory, commencing as a classical violinist until my college graduation, and later as a game designer. Subsequently, I ventured into entrepreneurship, delving into exporting and importing clothing and texture. Apart from my professional interests, I am an ardent music lover and indulge in songwriting as well as meditation, and also find solace in travelling. As a product of my artistic background, my circle of creative friends continues to inspire and mentor me in various ways. 


What is your go-to Athis-Seoul product? 

One of my all-time favorite products from Athis Seoul is undoubtedly our recently launched incense sticks. Initially, I utilized these delightful sticks as a means of testing before officially releasing them to the public. Yet, as time went on, burning incense became a cherished ritual that I partake in each morning and evening. It's humbling to admit that I was initially unaware that our ancestors utilized incense sticks as a means of balancing their fatigued body and soul. However, upon realizing that the burning of incense is deeply ingrained in Korean cultural heritage, my appreciation and admiration for these sticks have grown exponentially. The simple act of lighting an incense stick fills me with a profound sense of connection to my roots and inspires me to delve deeper into my heritage. 


Run us through your morning routine! 

My daily routine commences with a rejuvenating meditation session. As soon as I wake up, I unroll my yoga mat in the living room, which offers an enchanting view 

of the bustling city of Seoul. The calming chime of a singing bowl serves as the perfect background score for my morning meditation. Following this, I savor a delectable Greek yogurt topped with succulent blueberries and savor a steaming cup of coffee to kickstart my day. And then, with a spring in my step, I proceed to prepare myself for a productive day at work! 


What goes into developing a Athis-Seoul fragrance? 

The genesis of each Athis-Seoul product is a fascinating journey that begins with a meeting of the minds. Our team draws inspiration from diverse sources, be it customer feedback or evocative films. From there, we carefully assemble a smorgasbord of sensory stimuli, including sounds, scents, and imagery, to lay the foundation for our next creation. Our perfumer then conjures up a range of tantalizing prototypes, incorporating our abstract vision into olfactory reality. We might say, "Let's capture the essence of a rain-soaked kitten," or "Let's bottle the euphoria of a spring morning." Through rigorous testing and refinement, we hone in on the perfect blend, until a scent is born that is truly unique and remarkable. 


“Through rigorous testing and refinement, we hone in on the perfect blend, until a scent is born that is truly unique and remarkable.”


We love the Car Diffusers, tell us more about them! 

Our car diffusers have garnered quite a following, and for good reason. The inspiration for this unique product came to me one summer day while driving with my 6-year-old niece. At the time, I had a vent clip air freshener in the car, but as soon as I turned on the AC, my young companion frowned and began to plead for me to stop the noxious odor. That moment sparked the idea to create a more subtle and natural car diffuser. Similar to our popular reed diffusers, the cap of our car diffuser is crafted from wood and soaks up the fragrance oil from the bottle, gradually releasing a pleasing scent that enhances the driving experience. 


What is your most memorable moment with Athis-Seoul? 

We were touched when we received a DM from a customer who credited us with saving her life. She had recently lost her partner and was struggling with insomnia, making it difficult for her to fall asleep at night. However, after using our Good Night essential oil, she noticed a significant improvement in her ability to sleep. We were deeply moved by her message, which she had taken the time to translate into Korean using a translator. It's moments like these that remind us of the profound impact our products can have on people's lives. 


What’s next for Athis-Seoul? 

At present, we have yet to unveil any perfumes to our esteemed clientele, but we have grand plans to launch an exciting line this year. We are captivated by the notion that fragrance is intrinsically linked to the limbic region of the brain, where emotions and memories are governed. Our fragrances will be centered on the concept of memory, not the ones you have but those that exist solely in your imagination. We believe that such fragrances will imbue a sense of nostalgia and longing, bringing to life the intangible moments that we all yearn to relive. 


Besides Athis-Seoul, what are you passionate about? 

My passion lies in the realm of art, and I hold a special place in my heart for those closest to me who happen to be artists themselves. From the time-honored classics of antiquity to the boundary-pushing expressions of modern media, I'm continuously inspired by the unyielding creativity and unwavering determination of artists. What I admire most about art is its mysterious subtext - the indirect, subtle messages that require interpretation. It's an element that invites diverse and nuanced interpretations, as there's no definitive 'right' way to decipher an artwork's meaning. This fluidity highlights the intricate and fascinating complexity of our world, and it never ceases to fill me with wonder.