Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 20, 2023 09:55 PM

BeautyTalks with Preet Johal, Founder of Ambreesh Cosmetics


Tell us the backstory behind Ambreesh Cosmetics!

Ambreesh Cosmetics is more than a name. It is a company birthed from the idea that women deserve to follow their hearts' desires to become the best version of themselves, no matter what expectations and challenges may cross their paths; to live life boldly, authentically, and courageously. My daughter Ambreesh inspired in me the desire to pursue my lifelong dream to create a brand that she could not only see herself represented by, but to also a make a place for free expression. Throughout my life, I've learned the secrets of a strong mind/body/soul connection and it was important to me to create beauty products that are not only non-toxic, but long-wearing so they can keep up with the women who wear them. Being a South Asian woman in the beauty space allows me to pave a path for those after me and to build a supportive community that uplifts and empowers all women.


“I also love creating a community of women which empower and support each other.”


What is your personal favorite 24K Liquid Lipstick shade? What would you say are your best-sellers?

My favorite shades right now are Own It and Dusk til Dawn. Own it makes me feel powerful — I think every woman should have a red they love! Dusk til Dawn is the perfect mauve, having a little more color than your standard nude, but still creating a soft look that pairs well with everything.


How does Ambreesh Cosmetics aim to redefine beauty?

We create products that are high performance and long-lasting, so that you can apply your makeup and go about your day with confidence. They are also comfortable to wear, so you can create low maintenance looks that will keep up with your busy schedule.


How has your various background experience as well as moving from India to NYC influenced Ambreesh Cosmetics?

I’ve learned a lot in my life through all of these transitions. I’m at a point where I want to do things and live a lifestyle that leaves me fulfilled and happy. With Ambreesh, I truly feel that I hear my own voice and see my face in the products we offer. I also love creating a community of women which empower and support each other.


What are your go-to Ambreesh Cosmetics products?

In addition to my fave 24K’s, Draw the Line Eyeliner and Hustle Top Boss Gloss are my true must-haves. I wear them every day!


What is the inspiration behind the name Ambreesh Cosmetics?

One day I was having a seemingly innocent conversation with my daughter and she asked me “Mom, are you okay? Are you happy?”. It was at that moment, I felt empowered to make a change. I decided to switch gears and follow my lifelong dream of creating a non-toxic cosmetics company.


Do you see Ambreesh Cosmetics expanding with different products?

Yes, I am so excited for what’s coming in the next few months. We plan to expand to all color categories eventually, but have some very new launches right around the corner!


“I customize my own masks using ingredients like crushed mint leaves, apple cider vinegar, and the Aztec Clay as a base.”


What has been your most memorable moment with Ambreesh Cosmetics?

Definitely when we launched the brand and sold our first product! It made it all feel very “real” after spending so much time developing the brand and planning. All of the dreaming, research and work culminated into that one evening!


Do you have any exclusive makeup tips you’d like to share with us?

I love applying the gloss before the 24k Liquid Lips — it gives me the perfect amount of shine and color! I often think of our products themselves as makeup tips — like the Draw the Line Eyeliner. It’s a “hack” that doesn’t require a tutorial because the applicator is so unique and really does the work for you.


What does your morning beauty/skincare routine look like?

I keep it simple! I typically just wash my face with a gel cleanser and extremely cold water. I also use a home microneedling device to prepare my skin for my moisturizer. I customize my own masks using ingredients like crushed mint leaves, apple cider vinegar, and the Aztec Clay as a base.


Besides makeup, what else are you passionate about?

Heated room yoga! I do yoga 3 to 4 times a week. It’s very relaxing. I think of yoga as an extension of a core life value of mine, which we’ll simply refer to as expansion. Expanding your mind, your presence, your abilities — this is reflected in my yoga practice.


What does the future look like for Ambreesh Cosmetics?

The future looks bold! I’m so excited to launch more newness, continue building our community and work more with charities.