Brand Spotlight

By: GlossWire
Jan 20, 2023 09:57 PM

BeautyTalks with Ravit Darougar, Founder of 4Ever Magic Cosmetics


4Ever Magic Cosmetics’ products are long lasting, smudge-free and easy to use! Tell us how you came up with such an intriguing formula!

I used to buy eyebrow products with two colors and mix them to create the perfect shade for my defined ombre eyebrows. Since our natural eyebrow color in the beginning of eyebrow are different from the arch and tail, applying one color on the brow looks fake and unnatural. I was also struggling to find a good eyebrow brush that was thin and precise enough, since most eyebrow products do not offer one. The creation of our eyebrow kit came from these frustrations. It was either too red, too green, too light, too dark or had a grayish tone. I have developed our unique eyebrow kit that consists of two customized shades in a creamy gel texture that comes in one glass jar with a dual-sided brush. The first side offers a precise angled brush and the other side, a spoolie brush.

Creating a high-quality formula took time, funds and effort. Choosing a lab who embraced my vision and after years of experimentation, created an exclusive formula that is not harsh like eyebrow pencils, is smooth as silk, not greasy like a pomade, comes in four pairs of shades for all complexions and hair colors; and it had to come with a well-made applicator/brush was difficult, but the wait was worth it.


“Since the day I came to the USA, I knew that I would create a makeup brand that would boost the self-confidence of our customers…”


What is the inspiration behind creation of  4Ever Magic Cosmetics?

The inspiration behind the creation of 4ever Magic Cosmetics are traced back to both my mother and mother-in-law, who are over 73-years old. The high pigmented formula was developed when  they asked me to create a smudge-proof formula that would cover their gray hair and stay on all day long.


What is the effect that you, being a self-made immigrant woman, have had on developing 4Ever Magic Cosmetics? 

As an immigrant who came to USA at the end of 2009, I had low self-esteem, since I had to start speaking a new language. Since the day I came to the USA, I knew that I would create a makeup brand that would boost the self-confidence of our customers with our products. What can be better than boosting people’s self-confidence because of their eyebrows?

I’m a self-made woman, a hard-working immigrant who knows how hard it is to be start your own company and succeed. As women, it is inherent trait that self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence will create the fear that holds so many of us behind. This is reason why 4Ever Magic Cosmetics and all its products will always support programs that help abused children and women. Our company belief and brand is defined by its purpose to transform, inspire self expression, stimulate confidence, and elevates esteem through the magic of cosmetics.


Is 4Ever Magic Cosmetics involved in giving back to the community? Could you share a little bit about that?

From the day I launched my company, the sale of my first order of Double Shade Seductive Eyebrow Gel, I made donations to various charities that feed the homeless, help low-income at-risk or unemployed women by providing free products, and offer makeovers in preparation for job interviews.

I’m a savvy entrepreneur who has launched a fast-growing cosmetics company on my own, utilizing my resources, intelligence, and wit. I’m an immigrant who had to restart my life and career from the ground up. Through it all, I understand the power of paying it forward and I’m always willing and ready to provide business guidance and personal encouragement for self-esteem and

Charity is important for us, thus when you place an order for your double shade seductive eyebrow gel and the brush, $1 from each transaction will be donated to one of the 2 nonprofit organizations that are listed on our website. Make sure to choose at checkout process, which organization, you want the $1 to be donated.


How does social media play a role in 4Ever Magic Cosmetics?

Since we launched our brand, we start collaborating with beauty influencers, makeup artists and customers who have purchased our products. We love supporting people with their arts and grow together. We have over 150,000 followers on our social media accounts. We let influencers and makeup-lovers go live on our Facebook to create makeup looks using our eyebrow kits.


Do you see 4Ever Magic Cosmetics expanding into products that aren’t eyebrow related?

Yes, we are always looking for any innovative ideas in the beauty industry that will be both useful and beneficial in boosting the self-confidence of our customers. We are working on new ideas in beauty, one of which is a tool and the other is a makeup product.


“Perfectly defined eyebrows frame the face, open the eyes, make us look younger and create like a face lift.”


What does your morning beauty/skincare routine look like?

I wash my face with water, apply sunscreen, and use the 4ever Magic Cosmetics eyebrow kit. If I want a light natural eyebrow, I use our Magic Dazzle Brown Brow Gel and if I want more defined eyebrows, I use our Abracadabra Black Brow Gel. Afterwards, I apply mascara, lip gloss and concealer before starting my day. 


Do you think eyebrow products help women be more confident?

I believe well-kept eyebrows give us more confidence. We all have some issues with our eyebrows, whether we don’t have eyebrows at all, bald spots, gray hair or a short eyebrow tail. Perfectly defined eyebrows frame the face, open the eyes, make us look younger and create like a face lift. 


Are 4Ever Magic Cosmetics products water resistant? What is the best way to make them last?

Our formulation is water resistant. If you go on vacation and sweat or it’s snowing/raining where you are, your eyebrows will stay on with our eyebrow kit without worries.  If you have oily skin, I recommend removing the oil with a  sheet and preparing your skin with oil absorbent face powder before applying our product on your brows. For normal skin, just apply the product directly on your brows.


Besides makeup, what else are you passionate about?

I love to travel and experience new cultures. Also, I love to be involved with nonprofit organizations by means of volunteering and collaborating with charitable organizations.


What does the future look like for 4Ever Magic Cosmetics?

We are looking to expand our offering in categories outside of beauty such as fashion, lifestyle, and beyond.